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1. The following sights are taken on a intermediate point
(a) Both back sight and fore sight
(b) Both back sight and intermediate sight
(c) Intermediate sight only
(d) Two intermediate sights

2. An observer standing on the deck of a ship just sees the top of a lighthouse that is 30m above the sea level. If the height of observer's eye is 10m above the sea level, then the distance of the observer from the lighthouse will be nearby -----.
(a) 33.3 km
(b) 42.3 km
(c) 24.3 km
(d) 11.6 km

3. The angle of intersection of two plane mirrors of an optical square is
(a) 45 degree
(b) 90 degree
(c) 120 degree
(d) 180 degree

4. The sum of exterior angle of a closed traverse is n
(a) (2n+ 4)90
(b) (2n - 4) 90
(c) (2n + 4) /90
(d) (2n + 4) 90
5. In optical theodolite the graduated circles are made of -----
(a) Synthetic Material
(b) Glass
(c) Brass
(d) Gun Metal

6. Contours are used to determine ----
(a) Intervisibility of points
(b) Capactiy of reservoir
(c) Suitable alignment for routes
(d) All the above

7. The method of levelling adopted to find the reduced levels of points from the vertical angles and horizontal distances measured is called -----
(a) Hypsometry
(b) Fly levelling
(c) Differential levelling
(d) Trignometrical Levelling

8. Substense bar is an instrument used for------
(a) Measurement of horizontal distance in undulated area
(b) Measurement of horizontal distance in plane areas
(c) Determination of volume
(d) Determination of area

9. In -------- the angles are displayed digitally
(a) Eletcronic Theodolite
(b) Vernier Theodolite
(c) Micrometer Theodolite
(d) None of the above

10. The -------------- is the branch of photogrammetring where in the photographs are taken by a camera mounted in an aircraft flying over the area
(a) Terrestrial photogrammetry
(b) Aerial photogrammetry
(c) Tachometry
(d) Topography

11. A river is an obstacle is -----
(a) Chaining but not ranging
(b) Ranging but not chaining
(c) Both chaining and ranging free
(d) Both chaining and ranging obstructed

12. A line CD has to be cross over by a building. A perpendicular DE 150 m long laid out at D from E, two line EF and EG are ranged at angles of 45 and 60 with ED Find the length EF and EG so that F and G are on the line CD produced
(a) 100 & 100 m
(b) 210m & 310m
(c) 150 and 150m
(d) 212.13m & 300m

13. The box of prismatic compass is made of
(a) Steel
(b) Brass
(c) Iron
(d) Aluminium

14. All survey map to form a permanent record such as revenue survey maps are plotted with reference to
(a) Magnetic meridian
(b) Assumed meridian
(c) True meridian
(d) None of the Above

15. ----------- is used for marking the direction of magnetic meridian on the plane table sheet
(a) Trough compass
(b) Alidade
(c) Spirit level
(d) U-frame

16. The field book for compass survey is booked in the same way as chain survey, the only addition being the -------
(a) Gradient
(b) Level Difference
(c) Angles
(d) Bearings

17. The method is used when the angular and linear measurements are equally precise for adjusting the closing error of compass traverse
(a) Transit rule
(b) Proportionate method
(c) Empirical rule
(d) Rational formula

18. ----- Method of plane tabling is also called graphical triangulation
(a) Traversing
(b) Radiation
(c) Three point problem
(d) Intersection

19. In----- method the position of the instrument station on the plan is found by trial in solving three point problem
(a) Trial and error
(b) Graphical method
(c) Lehman's rule
(d) Bessel's method

20. Another name of tangent clinometer is
(a) Abney level
(b) Ceylon ghat tracer
(c) Foot -rule Clinometer
(d) Indian pattern clinometer


1(a), 2(b), 3(b), 4(d), 5(b), 6(d), 7(a), 8(a), 9(a), 10(b), 11(b), 12(d), 13(b), 14(c), 15(a), 16(d), 17(b), 18(d), 19(a), 20(d),
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