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EXAMINATION DATE :- 02-08-2014
EXAMINATION TIME :- 1.30 Pm to 3.30 Pm
1. Which are essential constituents of all atoms?
A] Electrons
B] Protons
C]  Neutrons
D] Positrons
2. The distance of stars from earth is expressed generally interms of?
A] meter
B] kilometer
C] astronomical unit
D] light year
3.  High boiling point of water is due to?
A] Weak dissociating of water molecules
B] High dissociation of water molecules
C] Hydrogen bonding amoungst water molecules
D] Vander waals forces of attraction amoungst the molecule
4. In a electrochemical cell, there is the conversion of?
A] Electric energy into Chemical energy
B] Chemical energy into Electrical energy
C] Chemical energy into heat energy
D] Mechanical energy into heat energy
5. Wood charcoal is used in the gas masks because
A] it is poisonous
B] it liqufies gas
C] it is porous
D]  it absorbs gases
6.The disease caused by a protozoan?
B] Malaria
C] Chiken guniya
D] Typhoid
7.  A protein solution on warming with concentrated nitric acid may turn yellow called?
A] Xanthoproteic test
B] Biuret test
C] Millions test
D]Hopkins cole test
8. The same group elements are characterised by?
A] Ionization potential
B] Electronegativity
C] Ionization energy
D] No of electrons in the outermost shell
9. Acetyl saiocyclic acid is known as?
A] Oil of wintergreen
B] Salol
C] Aspirin
D]Picric acid
10. The number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide required to saponify one gram of fat or oil? 
A] Esterification
B] Saponification
C] Hydrogenation
D]Cleansing action
11. Treaty signed in 1963 which banned nuclear tests in the atmosphere, underwater and in space, but not underground?
12. What is the full form of POTA?
A] Protection Of Trade Association
B] Prevention Of Temporal Allotment
C] Prevention of Terrorism Act
D] Permanent Association Of Traders
13. Name the country which launched its first pilot carbon trading scheme?
A] Japan
B] Korea
C] Singapore
D] China
14. Supreme court granted the right to negative voating on?
A] 27th September 2013
B] 27th October 2013
C] 27th August 2013
D] 27th November 2013
15. Capital of Costa Rica?
A] Kinshasa
B] Nicosia
C] Zagreb
D] San Jose
16. Who amoung the following was decorated with bravery award by World Peace and Prosperity Foundation?
A] Barack Obama
B] Malala Yousafzai
C] Ban Ki-moon
D] Pope Francis I
17.Which country is joined as the 28th member state of European Union on 1st July 2013?
A] Croatia
B] Cyprus
C] Romania
D] Honduras
18. Name the country which win the ICC Women's World Cup?
A] France
B] Italy
C] Australia
D] Germany
19. The India independence bill was passed by the British Parliament on?
A] 1st August 1947
B] 1st May 1947
C] 1st June 1947
D] 1st July 1947
20. The precentage of persons below poverty line in India?
A] 22%
B] 21%
C] 23%
D] 24%
21. 'Kasi' the holy place was situated on the banks of the river?
A] Yamuna
B] Ganges
C] Brahmaputra
D] Indus
22.Name the mountain pass which provide access from Wayanad in Kerala to Mysore in Karnataka?
A]  Thamarasseri Pass
B]  Palghat pass
C]  Perambadi pass
D]  Bodinayakkannur pass
23. 'Konark' the famous sun temple is situated in which state?
A] Maharashtra
B] Rajasthan
C] Madhya Pradesh 
D] Odisha
24. The first National park in India was?
A] Bandipur
B]  Kasiranga
C]  Jimcorbet
D] Periyar  
25. The first Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?
A] Gulzarilal Nanda
B]  Asok Mehta
C]  C.M.Trivedi
D] P.Sivasankar
26. Who was the Governor General of India during the time of Revolt of 1857?
A] Lord Dalhousie
B]  Lord Mayo
C]  Lord Harding
D] Lord Canning
27. Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement?
A] Ali Brothers
B]  Gulam Nabi Azad
C]  Sir Syed Ahammed Khan
D] Moulavi Ahammadulla
28. The newspaper published by Mrs. Annie Besant?
A] Maharatta
B]  Common Weal
C]  Bangabas
D] Kesari
29. The leader of Salt Satyagraha in Kerala was?
A] K.Kelappan
B] Ramakrishna Pillai
C] T.K.Madhavan
D] Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi
30. The Lahore session of the congress was held in the year?
A] 1928
B] 1930
C] 1929
D] 1931
31. Bharata Puzha originates from the?
A] Anamala
B] Azhimala
C] Ponnmudi
D] Agastyamuzhi
32. Ezhimala situated to north of?
A] Kollam
B] Calicut
C] Kannur
D] Kasargod
33.The Kerala-Tamilnadu relations developed through the?
A]  Tamarassery passes
B]  Palakkadan Pass
C]  Cherampady passes
D] Periya passes
34. The author of Adi Bhasha?
A] Sivayogi
B] Chattampi Swami
C] Ayyankali 
D] Karuppan
35. The first of the temples consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru?
A] Sivagiri
B] Aruvippuram 
C] Aluva
D] Varkala
36. In which year was Satu Jana Paripalana Sangam found?
A] 1806
B] 1906
C] 1907
37. Who was the founder of Atmavidyasangam?
A] Chattampi Swami
B] Vagbhatananda
C] Dr.Palpu
D] Sivayogi
38. Who was the founder of the periodical Swadeshabhimani?
A] Vakkam Moulavi
B] Ramakrishnapillai
C] Dr.Palpu
D] Kumaranasan 
39. Which is the organization founded by Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi?
A] Ananda Mahasabha
B] Vidyaposhini
C] Atmavidyasangam
D] S.N.D.P
40. Mention the drama written by V.T.Bhattathiripad? NO ANSWER currect answer is Adukkalayil ninnum Arangathekku
A]  Kannerum Kinavum
B]  Pattabakki
C]  Saraswati Vijayam
D] Kalahinidamanakam
41.Which Article of Indian Constitution is related to Right to Education?
A] Article 51A
B] Article 45
C] Article 21A
D] Article 19
42. Who was the President of the Indian Constituent Assembly?
A] Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
B] Jawaharlal Nehru
C] K.M.Munshi
D] Dr.Rajendra Prasad
43.The member of Rajya Sabha are elected by the?
A] People Directly
B] Members of State Legislative Assemblies
C] Members of Local Bodies
D]Members of State Legislative Councils
44. The system of 'Ombudsman was first introduced in?
A] Sweden
B] India
45. The National Commission for Women in India was formed in the year?
A] 1975
B] 1980
C] 1985
D] 1992
46. Who appoint the Chairman of the State Public Service Commission?
A] President
B] Prime Minister
C] Chief Minister
D] Governor
47.Which of the following types of rights have been described as First Generation Rights?
A] Social and Economic Rights
B] Civil and Political Rights
C] Natural Rights
D] Cultural Rights
48. Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with Directive Principles of State Policy?
A] Part I
B] Part III
C] Part IV
D] Part VI
49. Who was the first chairman of the NHRC?
A] Justice K.G.Balakrishnan
B] Justice V.S.Malimath
C] Justice Ranganath Misra
D] Justice A.S.Anand
50.The Right to Information Act was passed in India in the Year?
A] 2005
B] 2002
C] 2008
D] 2010
51.Choose the correct option for the following : A "Dark Horse" is :
A] An evil character
B] A dark coloured horse
C] A person whose abilities are hidden or unknown
D] A horse likely to win a race
52.Fill in the space using the correct preposition?
A] at
B] in
C] on
D] from
53. Convert the sentece into indirect speech : "You may leave the room", said the principal.
A] The principal said I might leave the room
B] The principal said I may leave the room
C] The principal says I might leave the room
D] The principal said I could leave the room
54.Correct the sentence : I would pay up if I was you.
A] I would pay up if I were you.
B] I would pay up if I am you.
C] I would paid up if were you.
D]I would pay up if I are you.
55.Fill in the space using the correct article : This is _______ book I was searching for.
A] a
B] an
C] the
D] none
56. Fill in the space using the correct form of the adjective : He is the _____ person I have ever met.
A] smart
B] smarter
C] smartest
D] none
57. Convert into passive voice : They are rebuilding the school.
A] The school is rebuilt.
B] The school is being rebuilt.
C] The school was rebuilt.
D] The school was being rebuilt.
58. Choose the correct option : The police _____ questioning the suspects.
A] is
B] are
C] has
D] have
59. The antonym of "acquit" is.
A] convict
B] evict
C] depict
D] debit
60. A wide road with trees on either side is called.
A] street
B] alley
C] lane
D] avenue
61. The limit of micro-credit to a benificiary under the Mahila Samridhi Yojana Scheme is?
A] ₹ 10,000
B] ₹ 15,000
C] ₹ 20,000
D] ₹ 25,000
62. Allotment of an Indira Awas Yojana (IAY) house.
A] Shall be jointly in the name of housband and wife except in the case of a widow/unmarried/separated person.
B] May be solely in the name of the women.
C] Both (A) and (B).
D] None of the above
63. Services under the ICDS Programme are rendered through :
A] Anganwadi Centers
B] Primary Health Centers
C] Police Stations
D]None of the above
64. Which of the following schemes has as its objective the integreted development of selected SC majority villages.
A] Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana (VAMBAY)
B] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
C] Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana (PMAGY)
D] Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY)
65.The Chairman of the Governing Body of Kudumbashree Mission is?
A] Minister for LGS
B] Principal Secretary , LSGD
C] Director of Panchayats
D] Commissioner for Rural Development
66.  Which of the following is a Scheme for providing self-emploument to educated unemployed youth?
A] Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana (PMRY)
B] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
C] National Food for Work Programme (NFWP)
D] Samagra Awaas Yojana (SAY)
67. An IAY (Indira Awass Yojana) house shall not be alienated for a period of?
A] 10 years
B] 15 years
C] 20 years
D] 25 years
68. Who amoung the following is entitled as of right to an 'Antyodaya card'?
A] A person belonging to BPL social category
B] A person belonging to a primitive tribe
C] A person above the age of 65 years
DAll of the above
69. The Nodal Officer at the district level for the implementation of the National Food for Work Programme is?
A] The District Judge
B] The President, District Panchayat
C] The Anganwadi Supervisor
D] The District Collector
70. Which of the following Scheme aims to provide food security for all through Public Distribution System?
A] Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)
B] Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)
C] Balika Samriddhi Yojana (BSY)
D] Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana (VAMBAY)
71. Which computer language is used for Artificial Intelligence amoung the following?
B] C
72. Who invented the high level programming language C?
A] Dennis M.Ritchie
B] Robert E.Kahn
C] Donald Ritchie
D] James Gosling
73. Expansion of UNIVAC is?
A] Universal Vacuum Computer
B] Universal Automatic Computer
C] Universal Integrated Vacuum Computer
D] United Vacuum Computer 
74. Binary number of the decimal number 15 is?
A] 1010
B] 1111
C] 1101
D] 1001

75. 1's complement of the 1011.
A] 1100
B] 0011
C] 0100
D] 0110  
76. In a client/server computer network, the user's computer is usually called:
A] Client
B] Network
C] Server
D] Website 
77. The extension of .com, .edu, .org, .net etc.. are usually called?
A] Network
B] IP address
C] Domain name
D] Website
78.  FTP stands for :
A] First Transfer Protocol
B] File Text Protocol
C] File Transport Protocol
D] File Transfer Protocol
79.  Which of the following is a cyber crime?
A] Hacking
B] Trojan
C] Email spoofing
D] None of the above 
Under Cyber Law both answer is correct :- Click Here for More Information
80. What is a firewall protection?
A] Spam messages
B] Most of the viruses
C] Security
D] Malicious worms 
81.Jafer can complete a work in 6 day. Shyam can complete the same work in 3 days. In how many days Jafer and Shyam together can complete the work?
A] 1
B] 2
C] 4
D] 5
82. A train of length 100 m runs at a speed of 120 km/hr from north to south. Another train of length 150 m travels with a speed of 80 km from South to North. What is the time required to cross each other?
A] 3.6 sec
B] 4 sec
C] 4.5 sec
D] 5.2 sec
83. A metallic right circular cone of volume 36 pie is melt into a sphere. What is the surface area of that sphere?
A] 40 root 3 pie
B] 30 pie
C] 46 pie
D] 36 pie
84. 4 years ago Ramu's age is the square root of his father's age. Now the age of Ramu and his father are in the ratio 1:4. Then what is Ramu's age?
A] 8
B] 10
C] 12
D] 40
85. What is the smallest number divisible by 8,9 and 12.
A] 72
B] 48
C] 36
D] 24 
86. Which of the following is divisible by both 6 and 15?
A] 1215
B] 1720
C] 2160
D] 3260
87. HCF of 24, 48 and 60 is?
A] 6
B] 8
C] 12
D] 24

88.If the surface area and volume of sphere are in the ratio 1:2, what is the radius of the sphere?
A] 2
B] 3
C] 5
89. A merchant sells two dolls of price respectively ₹ 100 and  ₹ 150 with a profit of 30% on first and a loss of 30% on second. What is his net profit/loss?
A] 6% loss
B] 6% gain
C] 15% loss
D] 15% gain
90. 1st January 2013 is Tuesday. How many Tuesday are there in 2013?
A] 51
B] 52
C] 53
D] 54 
91. Starting from a place P, a man travels 4 km towards North then turns towards right and travels 5 km. After that he turns towards right and travels 8 km. What is his current position with respect to P? NO ANSWER
A] 4 km towards East
B] 6 km towards South West
C] 4 km towards North East
D] 6 km towards South East
92. Find the next term in the sequence : 4, 9, 25, 49, ____
A] 81
B] 121
C] 138
D] 1024
93. Find the odd one out:
A] 8425
B] 6325
C] 7225
D] 9225
94. Find the next term in the sequence : B, C, E, G, K_____
A] L
B] M
C] N
D] O
95. In certain coding APPLE is coded as 512161601. Then MANGO is coded as:
A] 1507140113
B] 1301140715
C] 15714113
D] 1570141013
96. (root 8 + root 2)all square =
A] 18
B] 16
C] 18 root 2
D] 16 root 2 
97. If 14th April 2013 is Sunday, 20th September 2013 is?
A] Sunday
B] Tuesday
C] Wednesday
D] Friday 
98. Man is related to Brain. In similar way computer is related to?
A] Monitor
D] CPU  
99. Kavya is elder than Veena, Anu is younger than Kuttan and Veena is elder than Kuttan. Who is eldest?
A] Anu
B] Kuttan
C] Kavya
D] Veena  
100. If we arrange the number 1,2,6,3,5,2,4,9 in ascending order, how many numbers keeps the same position? 

A] 1
B] 2
C] 3
D] 4
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