Kerala PSC LINEMAN Previous Question Paper - 2

DEPARTMENT :- P.W.D. Electrical Wing
EXAMINATION DATE :- 16-01-2017
1. Kaziranga, the famous sanctuary of Assam is famous for:
(a) Tigers (b) Rhinos (c) Lions (d) Elephants

2. In which of the following states is Tungabhadra project of irrigation?
(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Bihar (c) Tamil Nadu (d) Maharashtra

3. According to census 2011 the sex ratio in India is:
(a) 980 (b) 960 (c) 940 (d) 930

4. Which of the following project started to ensure integrated development of children upto 6 years?
(a) SSA (b) RMSA (c) NSPS (d) ICDS

5. The nationalist leader who was killed in a police lathicharge in 1928 was:
(a) Madan Mohan Malaviya (b) Lala Lajpat Rai (c) Swami Sahajanand (d) Suryasen

6. The Resolution of Non-cooperation Movement was passed in which special session of Indian National Congress.
(a) Calcutta (b) Kanpur (c) Nagpur (d) Bombay

7. The Indian National Congress celebrated the Independence Day for the first time on:
(a) August 15, 1947 (b) January 26, 1950 (c) January 1, 1937 (d) January 26, 1930

8. Separate electorate for Muslims were first introduced through the following reforms.
(a) Montegue-Chelmsford reforms
(b) Government India Act of 1935
(c) Minto-Morley Reforms
(d) Council Act of 1892

9. In which part of the Kerala Oranges are grown?
(a) Nelliyampathy (b) Munnar (c) Kasaragod (d) Muthanga

10. Kabani one of the east flowing rivers of Kerala flows into:
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Karnataka (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Maharashtra

11. Vagbhatananda started the Journal for Propogation of Nationalist ideas.
(a) Prachina Malayalam
(b) Akilathirattu
(c) Atmavidya kahalam
(d) Deepika

12. Who formed Nair Samudhaya Bhruthya Jana Sangam in 1914?
 (a) K. Kelappan (b) K.P. Kesava Menon (c) K. Ramakrishna Pillai (d) Mannath Padmanabhan

13. Who put forward the famous teachings 'progress through the education, strengthen through Organisation'?
(a) Chattampi Swamikal (b) Sri Narayana Guru (c) Dr. Palpu (d) Ayyankali

14. Who is the author of the work 'Jathikkummi'?
(a) K.P. Karuppan (b) Sahodaran Ayyappan (c) Vaikunda Swamikal (d) Chattampi Swamikal
15. Who was the founder of 'Yogakshema Sabha'?
(a) E.M.S. Namboothiripad (b) V.T. Bhattathiripad (c) K.P. Kesava Menon (d) K.P. Padmanabha Menon

16. Who is the interim President of Brazil declared 'South America's first Olympic Games Open at Rio 2016?
(a) Dilma Rousseff (b) Carlos Nuzman (c) Michel Temer (d) Gisele Bundehen

17. Who is the one of the members of NITI Aayog?
(a) Arundhathi Bhattacharya (b) Ashok Khemka (c) G.R. Aloria (d) Ramesh Chand

18. Who is the present Chairman of Kerala Sahitya Akademi?
(a) KPAC Lalitha (b) Beena Paul (c) Lenin Rajendran (d) Vaishaken

19. Who won the men's singles title in the 2016 Wimbledon Tennis?
 (a) Andy Murray (b) Novak Djokovic (c) Rafel Nadal (d) Wavarinka

20. Which among the following was not the important works of Mahasweta Devi?
(a) Rudali (b) Jansir Rani (c) India Another Millennium (d) Aranyer Adhikar

21: Which type of motor is generally used in a portable drilling machine?
(a) Repulsion motor
(b) Universal motor
(c) Capacitor run motor
(d) Shaded pole motor

22. Lead is prepared from the ore of:
(a) Bauxite (b) Blast
(c) Hematite (d) Galena

23. Which of the material is used to fix the screw on concrete wall and ceiling?
(a) Link clips (b) Bushings
(c) Rowl plug (d) Saddles

24. Insulation resistance is measured in:
(a) Kilo ohms(b) Mega ohms
(c) Megawatts (d) Kilowatts

25. In an energy meter the holes on the aluminum disc helps to:
(a) Reduce the friction
(b) Reduce the weight of the disc
(c) Prevent creeping
(d) Reduce the resistance

26. Watt hour meter is classified as a:
(a) Integrating Instrument
(b) Deflecting Instrument
(c) Recording Instrument
(d) Indicating Instrument

27. Efficiency of a Secondary cell is:
(a) Impedance hour efficiency
(b) Ampere hour efficiency
(c) Resistance hour efficiency
(d) Volt hour efficiency

28. Which class of insulator is Mica?
(a) Class F (b) Class A
(c) Class B (d) Class C

29. The slip rings are made of:
(a) Aluminium (b) Silver
(c) Copper (d) Cast iron

30. The operating temperature of a gas filled lamp is about ----------.
(a) 2500° C (b) 3000° C
(c) 2000° C (d) 2700° C

31. If the speed of DC shunt motor increases the back emf:
(a) Decreases (b) Constant
(c) Decreases and then increases
(d) Increases

32. To check the Internal and External radius of work pieces which tool is used?
(a) Radius gauges
(b) Centre punch
(c) Scriber
(d) Callipers

33. Universal Motor requires:
(a) AC only
(b) DC only
(c) AC and DC
(d) DC and shunt type

34. All the sides of parallelogram are equal is called ----------.
(a) Trapezium (b) Rhombus
(c) Polygon (d) Rectangle

35. Gun Metal is an alloy of ......., ....... and ........
(a) Copper, Aluminium, Zinc
(b) Copper, Tin, Zinc
(c) Iron, Copper, Tin
(d) Iron, Tin, Zinc

36. 1 kg weight = ----------.
(a) 9 Newtons
(b) 10.8 Newtons
(c) 9.8 Newtons
(d) 8.5 Newtons

37. Torque '='
(a) Force 'xx' Acceleration
(b) Force 'xx' Distance
(c) Force 'xx' Radius
(d) Force 'xx' Speed

38. Aluminium ore is ----------.
(a) Bauxite (b) Antimony
(c) Graphite (d) Galena

39. Freezing point of mercury is ___.
(a) 35°C (b) 36°C
(c) 38°C (d) 39°C

40. The ability of material to deform without breaking is called:
(a) Plasticity (b) Elasticity
(c) Ductility (d) Malleability

41. Whenever heat is developed in a conductor it is governed by the:
(a) Lenz's Law
(b) Ampere's Law
(c) Joule's Law
(d) Newton's Law

42. Squirrel cage induction motor is a:
(a) High starting torque motor
(b) Low starting torque motor
(c) Both (1) and (2)
(d) None of the above

43. Which are fundamental units?
(a) CGS, FPS and MKS
(b) MKS, MKSA and CGS
(c) CGS, FPS and SI
(d) FPS and MKS

44. The flux density is the flux divided by:
(a) Conductivity
(b) Permeability
(c) Area of cross section
(d) Area of the current carrying conductor

45. A pure resistive circuit in AC follows the:
(a) Ohm's Law
(b) Lenz's Law
(c) Faraday's Law of electrolysis
(d) Kirchhoff's Law

46. Which of the following material has a negative temperature coefficient of resistance?
(a) Brass (b) Copper
(c) Carbon (d) Aluminium

47. 100 W and 40 W lamps are of the same voltage rating the resistance of 40 W lamp is _____.
(a) Higher (b) Lower
(c) The same
(d) Lower with AC higher with DC

48. Metric HP =
(a) 746 watts (b) 746.5 watts
(c) 735.5 watts (d) 735 watts

49. Which lamp will take more current?
(a) 40 watts 200 V
(b) 100 watts 24 V
(c) 1000 watts 230 V
(d) 100 watts 230 V

50. Star/Delta starter used in a:
(a) DC series
(b) DC Shunt
(c) AC single phase
(d) Three phase Induction Motor

51. It is difficult to magnetise steel because of its:
(a) Low permeability
(b) High permeability
(c) High density
(d) High retentivity

52. One Farad is:
(a) One Coulomb per volt
(b) One volt per Coulomb
(c) Joule per volt
(d) Coulomb-Joules

53. Which of the following acts as depolarizer in a Lechlanche cell?
(a) Zinc Chloride
(b) Carbon Powder
(c) Manganese dioxide
(d) Ammonium Chloride

54. What is the method of heat transfer accomplished in a hot water boiler?
(a) Convection
(b) Conduction
(c) Radiation
(d) None of the above

55. Which motor is suitable for rolling mills?
(a) DC shunt motor
(b) DC series motor
(c) DC cumulative motor
(d) DC differential motor

56. Composition of fuse wire:
(a) Lead 40 tin 60
(b) Lead 80 tin 20
(c) Lead 50 tin 50
(d) Lead 60 tin 40

57. Rated capacities of IC TP 300A switch:
(a) 500 V (b) 1000 V
(c) 230 V (d) 250 V

58. XC =
(a) R-XL (b) 2pi Fl
(c) 2 pi FC (d) (1)/ (2piFC)

59. The power factor of a purely resistive circuit is:
(a) Zero (b) Unity
(c) Leading (d) Lagging

60. In star connection line current=
(a) Phase current
(b) √3 Phase current
(c) √2 Phase current
(d) None of the above

61. Power transformers are designed to have maximum efficiency at:
(a) Half load
(b) No load
(c) Little more than full load
(d) Near full load

62. 1 litre of water __________.
(a) 980 gm (b) 1000 gm
(c) 930 gm (d) 910 gm

63. Melting point of copper is ___.
(a) 1230°C (b) 1085°C
(c) 1088°C (d) 1083°C

64. In H.S.S. 18: 4: 1 Means _____.
(a) Tungsten: Vanadium: Chromium
(b) Tungsten: Chromium: Vanadium
(c) Vanadium: Tungsten: Chromium
(d) Chromium: Vanadium: Tungsten

65. Which colour wire is recommended for earth connection as per ISI Code?
(a) Red (b) Black
(c) Blue (d) Green

66. What is the value of cos 0°?
(a) 1 (b) 0 (c) √2 (d) √3

67. On which factors the frequency depends?
(a) Directly proportional to speed and no. of poles
(b) Inversely proportional to speed and no. of poles
(c) Directly proportional to back emf
(d) Directly proportional to applied voltage and back emf

68. What is the complete formula for frequency?
(a) F= (PxxN)/ (60)
(b) F= (Ns-N)/ (60)
(c) F= (PxxE)/ (120)
(d) F= (PxxNS)/ (120)

69. Where the Damper winding is placed in synchronous motor?
(a) Shaft
(b) Poles
(c) Poleshoes
(d) All of the above

70. Capacity of a capcitor filled in table fan or ceiling fan:
(a) 1 to 1.5 μf(b) 3 to 3.5 μf
(c) 2.5 to 3 μf(d) 2 to 2.5 μf

71. How the current coils and pressure coils are connected in megger?
(a) At 90° to each other
(b) At 60° to each other
(c) At 45° to each other
(d) At 35° to each other

72. Supertension cables from:
(a) 33000 Volt to 66000 Volt
(b) 1000 Volt 11000 Volt
(c) 11000 Volt to 22000 Volt
(d) 22000 Volt to 33000 Volt

73. The distance between two adjacent line poles is called:
(a) Sag (b) Span
(c) HSL (d) Guarding

74. The distance that must be provided between line conductors for 440 V:
(a) 50 cm - 60 cm
(b) 45 cm - 60 cm
(c) 45 cm - 50 cm
(d) 30 cm - 45 cm

75. Rotary converter runs at:
(a) Below synchronous speed
(b) Synchronous speed
(c) Above synchronous speed
(d) All of the above

76. A series RL circuit has a resistance of 30Ω and inductive resistance of 40Ω. The impedance is __________.
(a) 70 Ω (b) 50 Ω
(c) 10 Ω (d) 35 Ω

77. The magnetic field produced in the stator of a three phase induction motor rotates at ___.
(a) Rotating speed
(b) Synchronous speed
(c) Asynchronous speed
(d) Slip speed

78. The meter used to measure the temperature of furnace is:
(a) Hydrometer (b) Hygrometer
(c) Pyrometer (d) Tachometer

79. The conduction in a JFET is always by the:
(a) Minority carriers
(b) Majority carriers
(c) Holes (d) Electrons

80. FET is:
(a) Unipolar device
(b) Bipolar device
(c) Half Power device
(d) All of the above

81. The Binary number system has a radix of:
(a) 10 (b) 2 (c) 16 (d) 8

82. Class Y insulation temperature assigned ______ Range.
(a) 105°C
(b) 120°C
(c) 90°C
(d) 130°C

83. In an Inductive load power factor:
(a) Zero
(b) Leading
(c) Lagging
(d) Both

84. Form factor of an Electric Current:
(a) 2 (b) 1.11 (c) 1.44 (d) 1.732

85. Intermediate switches are used to control:
(a) One lamp two places
(b) One lamp one place
(c) 2 lamp one place
(d) More lamp from different places

86. What is used for making guide holes drilling in metals?
(a) Centre punch
(b) Ratchet Brace
(c) Auger-bit
(d) Hand Drill

87. Upto how much voltage is medium?
(a) Upto 250 V (b) Upto 560 V
(c) Upto 11000 V (d) Upto 440 V

88. Nichrome is widely used for:
(a) Transformer winding
(b) Circuit connections
(c) Heater coils
(d) Lamp filaments

89. The resistance of a conductor on increasing the temperature:
(a) Increases (b) Decreases
(c) Constant (d) Varies

90. The unit for flux density is:
(a) Henry/m^2
(b) Newton/m^2
(c) Webers/m^2
(d) None of the above

91. The magnetic potential in a magnetic circuit can be measured in terms of:
(a) Farads (b) Coulombs
(c) EMF (d) MMF

92. Which one of the following capacitors is only suitable for direct voltage?
(a) Aluminium foil capacitor
(b) Metalic paper capacitor
(c) Unpoled aluminium elctrolyte capacitor
(d) Poled aluminium electrolyte capacitor

93. Which resistor is commonly used for general purpose application?
(a) Wire-wound resistors
(b) Carbon resistors
(c) Metal film resistors
(d) Carbon film resistors

94. To solder resistors on a PCB the soldering iron wattage should be:
(a) 25 (b) 60 (c) 150 (d) 240

95. Intermediate frequency transformers use:
(a) Iron core (b) Ferrite core
(c) Air core
(d) Both Iron core and Air core

96. In a DC circuit capacitor acts like a:
(a) Open Circuit
(b) Inductance
(c) Short Circuit
(d) Resistance whose value
depends on the dielectic material

97. Which one of them is not a semiconductor?
(a) Silicon (b) Germanium
(c) Carbon (d) Galium arsenide

98. The process of adding impurities to a pure semiconductors is known as:
(a) Diffusion (b) Forming
(c) Doping (d) Etching

99. When a germanium diode is connected in forward biased mode the voltage across the diode will be:
(a) Zero
(b) 0.7 Volt
(c) Equal to applied voltage
(d) 0.3 Volt

100. The function of a diode can be compared with a:
(a) Replay (b) Switch
(c) Inductor (d) Fuse
1.B, 2.A, 3.C, 4.D, 5.B, 6.A, 7.D, 8.C, 9.A, 10.B, 11.C, 12.D, 13.B, 14.A, 15.B, 16.C, 17.D, 18.D, 19.A, 20.C,21.B, 22.D, 23.C, 24.B, 25.C, 26.A, 27.B, 28.D, 29.C, 30.D, 31.D, 32.A, 33.C, 34.B, 35.B, 36.C, 37.C, 38.A, 39.D, 40.A, 41.C, 42.B, 43.A, 44.C, 45.A, 46.C, 47.A, 48.C, 49.C, 50.D, 51.A, 52.A, 53.C, 54.A, 55.C, 56.D, 57.A, 58.D, 59.B, 60.A, 61.D, 62.B, 63.D, 64.B, 65.D, 66.A, 67.A, 68.D, 69.C, 70.D, 71.A, 72.D, 73.B, 74.D, 75.B, 76.B, 77.B, 78.C, 79.B, 80.A, 81.B, 82.C, 83.C, 84.B, 85.D, 86.A, 87.B, 88.C, 89.A, 90.C, 91.D, 92.D, 93.B, 94.A, 95.B, 96.A, 97.D, 98.C,99.D, 100.B


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