A Success Personality

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It has been found that most of the people who have made it big have had a combination of traits that went into building their success personality. Leadership, creativity, relationship with others and, of course, luck are some of the factors that are needed to attain success. But a Gallup poll of successful people revealed that the following qualities had influenced their success:

1. Common Sense: Seventy nine per cent of the respondents stressed on its importance. By common sense most of them implied the ability to make sound, practical judgment on routine affairs. Most of them felt that common sense was not a trait a person was born with but was developed. It could be increased by debating everything that one approached, getting to the core of every matter. Many felt that it could be honed by observing it in others, learning from one's own and others' mistakes.

2. Knowing one's field: Three-fourth ofthe respondents gave this the top rating. Expertise was their strong-point, they felt. This was developed by practical understanding of the way their skills could be applied. Specialised knowledge, most of them agreed, could only be obtained by self knowledge rather than formal schooling. Even after obtaining it, the learning process continued in most of them, "To achieve success", said a vice-president of an industrial organisation, "one has to want it and then he has to work to keep it."

3. Self-reliance: Their own abilities and resources are what most of the successful men rely on. Self-reliance not only means how good you are or how you feel about your self but also whether you have the guts to take decisions at crucial junctures. It includes plain old will power and the ability to set goals.

4. General intelligence: Forty three per cent of the respondents said that this factor was crucial for achieving success. The quality involves a person's natural ability to understand the crux of complicated matters fairly quickly and analyse them clearly and incisively, By intelligence these people did not only mean an innate capacity but an enquiring mind and wide interests also.

5. Ability to execute plans: The poll also found that nearly three-fourths of the successful men were very efficient in accomplishing their tasks. Most of them agreed that what helped them collectively in getting things done were: organisational ability, good work habits and diligence.

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