Kerala PSC Junior Steno Typist Previous Question Paper 2019

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Category No: 394/2018Department :- KERALA MINERALS AND METALS LIMITED
Date: 06/07/2019 Saturday
Time :- 01.30 PM to 03.15 PM.
Maximum Marks:- 100
Exam Duration:- 1 hour 15 minutes
Medium of Questions: English
Questions with Answer
1. Pallipuram Fort is situated in:
Answer :- Ernakulam

2. The first census in India after independence was in :
Answer :- 1951

3. The reorganization of states on linguistic base was proposed by :
Answer :- Fazal Ali Commission

4. The Dutch commander defeated by Marthanda Varma in the battle of Kolachal?
Answer :- De Lenoy

5. 'Swamithoppu' is the birth place of:
Answer :- Vaikunda Swamikal

6. The Governor General who banned 'Sati Syatem'?
Answer :- Lord William Bentic

7. The headquarters if 'UNO'?
Answer :- New York

8. The emperor mentioned in Allahabad Pillar?
Answer :- Samudra Gupta

9. The river originates from Manasasarover is?
Answer :- River Indus

10. The position of India in world in terms of forest area?

Answer :- 10th place

11. Arabica is a variety of:
Answer :- Coffee

12. The third annual session of Indian National Congress was held at?
Answer :- Madras

13. The World Science Day is observing on?
Answer :- November 10

14. The longest bridge in India is in:
Answer :- Assam

15. As per 2011 census report the lowest population is in?
Answer :- Idukki

16. 'Satriya' is a
Answer :- Dance form

17. As per 2018 world happiness index report which country has the first position?
Answer :- Finland

18. 'Jathikummi is a work of:
Answer :- Pandit Karuppan

19. Which is the first Indian language to be given a classical language status?
Answer :- Tamil

20. 'Paschimodayam' was published from?
Answer :- Thalassery
21.Raphel aircraft agreement was signed with:
Answer :- France

22. 'Aryabatta' was launched in:
Answer :- 1975

23. The Kizhariyur Bomb case is related with?
Answer :- Quit India Movement

24. The first educational minister of free India?
Answer :- Maulana Abdul Kalam Asad

25. In which year Rabindranath Tagore met Sree Narayana Guru at Sivagiri?
Answer :- 1922

26. The iron and steel plant started with the support of Britain?
Answer :- Durgapur

27. Who remarked Balagangadhara Tilak as 'Father of Indian unrest'?
Answer :- Valantine Chirole

28. 'Tel' is a tributary of river?
Answer :- Mahanadi

29. Among the languages given below which is not an official language in UNO?
Answer :- German

30. The winner of 2018 World Cup Football Championship?
Answer :- France 31. The temple where Sree Narayana Guru installed a mirror?
Answer :- Kalavankode

32. UN Library is situated in?
Answer :- Tokyo

33. 'New Bank of India' was merged to:
Answer :- Punjab National Bank [PNB]

34. The former who fought for the right to walk in the approach roads of Tali temple at Kozhikkode?
Answer :- C.Krishnan

35. Who won the 'Ezhuthachan Purasakaram' of 2018?
Answer :- M.Mukundan

36. The orginal name of Thycaud Ayya Guru?
Answer :- Subbaraya Paniker

37. The author of 'Kerala Pazhama'?
Answer :- Herman Gundert

38. Amoung the works given below which one is not a workd of Chattambi Swamikal?
[Adi Basha, Prachina Malayalam, Vedhadikara Nirupanam, Daivadasakam]
Answer :- Daivadasakam [by Sree Narayana Guru]

39. In which year Gandhi visited Mahe?
Answer :- 1934

40. In which year Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Prize for peace?
Answer :- 2014 41. Napa Sheva port is in:
Answer :- Maharashtra

42. In which year Ayyankali nominated to Sreemoolam Praja Sabha'?
Answer :- 1912

43. Jaisalmir fort situated in
Answer :- Rajasthan

44. The venue of 2024 Olympics games?
Answer :- Paris

45. Who gave leadership to the 'Savarnajatha' in the period of Vaikkom Sathyagraha?
Answer :- MAnnath Padmanabhan

46. Demonitization was declared on:
Answer :- 2016 November 8

47. The butterfly park is situated in:
Answer :- Thenmala

48. Gandhiji meet Sree Narayana Guru at?
Answer :- Varkala

49. 2018 Janpith award was won by:
Answer :- Amitav Gosh

50. Which section of Indian Penal code criminalized adultery as unconstitutional?
Answer :- Section 497

51. Typewriter was invented by?
Answer :- Henry Mill

52.Guide keys are __________ and ____________
Answer :- A and ;

53. Olivetti is the name of a :
Answer :- Standard typewriter

54. There are ________ important parts in a typewriter.
Answer :- Five

55. According to the size, there are ____________ types of typewriter.
Answer :- Two

56. Small machines handling and easy to carry in called:
Answer :- Portable

57. Mainspring is situated in the ________ side of the typewriter.
Answer :- left

58. ____________ is connecting the carriage with Main Spring.
Answer :- Draw chord

59. When the ______________ is broken or snapped the machine will stop immediately.
Answer :- Draw Chord

60. ________ makes the carriage moves towards the left through the draw chord.
Answer :- The Main Spring force 61. The jerky motion of the carriage in due to:
Answer :- Too much main spring tension

62. Touch system of typing is otherwise called:

Answer :- Non visual system

63. The front portion of the typewriter where key buttons are arranged is called?
Answer :- Key Board

64. The common key board adopted for all standard typewriters is called:
Answer :- Universal Standard Keyboard

65. Striking the keys at a uniform rate with a pleasing sound to the ear is called:
Answer :- Rhythum

66. The key making impression on the paper while typing are called:
Answer :- Character keys

67. The forming of letters accurately in a regular line with even space between them is called:
Answer :- alignment

68. The moving part on the typewriter is called:
Answer :- Carriage

69. Top plate is also called:
Answer :- cowl or hood

70. There are _______________ kinds of cylinders.
Answer :- Three
71. ____________ is used to bring the carriage from one point to another point easily.
Answer :- Tabulator

72. When the carriage is at rest, ______ dog is holding the tooth of the escapement wheel.
Answer :- Loose dog

73. Centre Guide or type guide shows the:
Answer :- Typing point

74. Semi circular part seen above the types basket is called:
Answer :- Segment

75. There are _______ kinds of shift systems.
Answer :- Two

76. Giving equal work to fingers of both hands and according to the strength of the fingers is called:
Answer :- Universal Standard Arrangement

77. The scale fixed in front of the cylinders is called:
Answer :- Alignment scale

78. Worn out teeth of the carriage rack is the cause of:
Answer :- Up and Down movement

79. Variable line spacer is otherwise called?
Answer :- Push button

80. There are _____________ types of ribbon movements in a typewriter.
Answer :- Three 81. 'Find' option is available in ____________ Ribbon.
Answer :- Home

82. Quick Tables can be insearted by clicking one of the following order:
Answer :- Insert-Table-Quick Table

83. 1024 GB =
Answer :- 1 TB

84. Pick out an example of main memory from the following
(Hard Dick, Track Ball, CD, RAM)
Answer :- RAM

85. One of the following is not an input device?
Answer :- Voice Response Cystem

86. A sentence un MS Word can be moved from one place to another place by:
Answer :- Select, Cut and Paste

87. MS Word is a _______ software
Answer :- Application Software

88. Which bar displays the current page number in MS Word?
Answer :- Status Bar

89. The command 'Ctrl+U' in MS Word is used for:
Answer :- Underline

90. A ClipArt in MS Word 2007 can be inserted by clicking one of the following order.
Answer :- Insert-Clipart 91.Usage of Function Key F7 in Ms Word?
Answer :- Spelling and Grammar

92. MS Word provides ____________ type of Tab stops.
Answer :- 5

93. One of the following is not available in the Ruler of MS Word screen.
Answer :- Tab stop box

94. Portrait and Landscape are the options of
Answer :- Page Orientation

95. One of the following line spacing option cannot be seen in Paragraph Dialogue Box in MS Word:
Answer :- Triple

96. ________ Zoom option is not available in Zoom Dialogue Box in MS Word 2007.
Answer :- 50%

97. Cannot perform one of the following from Quick Access Toolbar
(E-mail, Quick Print, Save, Save as)
Answer :- Save as

98. What will happen when we press 'Delete' key?
Answer :- Delete one character on the right side of the cursor

99. 'Ctrl+Z' shortcut key used for:
Answer :- Undo

100. Which of the following is the arithmetic operator for division
(/, \, _, None of these)
Answer :- /

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