Kerala PSC Current Affairs Question 2019 - 01

Share it: is presenting a Current Affairs Questions and Answers for various Examination. In this set we included only those kinds of questions which are expected to asked in various Examination conducting by Kerala Public Service Commission.

1. The programme launched by Kerala Social Security Mission for the comprehensive development of autism affected persons?

2. The project of State Fisheries Department to popularise fish cultivation in the line of organic farming?
Muttathoru Meenthottam

3. The Keralite who got fellowship of Central Academy of Letters in 2019?
 K.N.Panicker and Ravi Varma

4. The helpline number for women safety is?

5. In which state longest suspension bridge in the world was built?
 Jammu and Kashmir (across Indus river)

6. Which state was the venue of Sindhudarshan festival?
Jammu and Kashmir

7. The electronic intelligence satellite launched by ISRO in 2019?

8. Which state has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Quebec province of Canada to increase economic cooperation and welfare of tribal community in the state?

9. The first woman president of Slovakia?
Zuzana Caputova

10. Which state government has launched'One person One car policy' ?
West Bengal

11. The first Indian shipyard to make 100 warships?
Garden Reach Ship Builders, Kolkata

12. Which country was venue of the meeting between Donald Trump of USA and Kim Jong of North Korea?

13. With which bank Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank were merged?
Bank of Baroda

14. Who succeeded Rahul Castro as the President of Cuba?
Miguel Kanal

15. The largest public sector bank in India?
State Bank of India

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