Speakers of India

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Keralapschelper.com is presenting given below is the main points related with the Speaker which is an important topic under general awareness, regarding Constitution of India. It is important for any well educated and aware individual of the country to know the names of all previous President of India. We recommend you to bookmark this page and come back often to it, to ensure they remain in in your memory.
The Lok Sabha is presided over by the Speaker who is elected by it from among the members. He presides over the meetings of the House and adjourns the House or suspends its meeting if there is no quorum. He is not entitled to vote in the House in the normal course but shall excercise a casting vote in case of a tie. The decision of the speaker as to whether or not a Bill is a Money Bill shall be final. The speaker will have to endorse or certify it before such Bill is transmitted to the Rajya Sabha or presented to the President of India for his assent. The President will consult him as well as the Chairman of Rajya Sabha while making rules of procedure with respect to joint sitting of the two House (in case of difference of opinion between the two Houses on a proposed legislation). The speaker will preside over the joint sitting of the two Houses. The speaker is not answerable to anyone except the House. No cort of law can go into the merits of a ruling given by the speaker. In addition to the constitutional provisions, the Rule of Procedure of the House confer upon the speaker a variety of powers in the detailed conduct of the business of the House. The speaker is the sole authority for giving priority or urgency to a matter so that it may be placed before the House in the national interest. He is not expect to give reason for this decision. He is the custodian and guardian of the rights and privileges of the members. The speaker does not vacate his office when the House is dissolved. He will continue in office until a new speaker is elected when the two House meet. The speaker is the true symbol of the dignity and independence of the House. The speaker can be removed by a resolution of the House passed by a majority of all the other members of the House.

Questions Related with Speaker
1. Who is the presiding officer of Lok Sabha?
Answer :- Speaker

2. Who decides whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not?
Answer :-Speaker

3. Who presied over the joint sitting of both the Houses of the Parliament which is convened by the President of India?
Answer :-  Speaker

4. Who decides the questions of disqualification of a member of the Lok Sabha on the ground of defection?
Answer :-Speaker

5. First Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Answer :-  G.V.Mavlankar

6. Who is known as the Father of Lok Sabha?
Answer :-G.V.Mavlankar

7. First Women Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Answer :-  Mera Kumar

8. Second Woemen Speaker of Lok Sabha?
Answer :-Sumitra Mahajan

9. The First Speaker who died in office?
Answer :-G.V.Mavlankar

10. The Second Speaker who died in office?
Answer :-  G.M.C.Balayogi

11. Present Speaker of Lok Sabha [16th Lok Sabha]?
Answer :-Sumitra Mahajan

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