General English Series - 4

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Phrases and Cluses

A Phrase is a small group of words that make sense, but not complete sense. It cannot stand by itself, but has to be part of a sentence. A phrase has no subject or predicate of its own. Examine the following sentences.
1. Hema usually sits at the back of the class.
2. The sun rises in the east.
3. A stranger knocked at the door.
4. The stars shine at night.
5. She sang at the top of her voice.
The word in italics in the above sentences are phrases. Excercise - 4
[Identify the phrase in each of the following sentences.]
1.  Salim and his friends sat on a wall.
2. He shot an arrow into the air.
3. The dewdrop glitter in the sun.
4. The sun is now hiding behind the clouds.
5. Return the money as soon as possible.
6. A stitch in time saves nine.
7. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.
8. A computer will of great use to you.
9. With all his money he could not influence the witness.
10. The poet saw a host of golden daffodils.
    Answers of General English Series - 3 Post
    1 Pride goes......fall
    2 the hand is......bush
    3 To err in human
    4 Smoking
    5 They
    6 The .....India goes......fall
    7 The Chief....colleagues has......Governor
    8 A....time saves nine
    9 Marriage is......mind
    10 Slow....steady wins...race

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