FIREMAN 2017 Answer Key Part 2

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Category No: /2016
Name of Post :- FIREMAN
Question Paper Code :- 110/2017
Date: 24-09-2017 Saturday
Time :- 01.30 PM to 03.15 PM.
Maximum Marks:- 100
Exam Duration:- 1 hour 15 minutes
Medium of Questions: English
Questions with Answer
26. Present Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh
Answer :-Yogi Adityanath

27. World Book Day is:
Answer :-23rd April

28. ............... is an initiative taken up by the Government of Kerala in a mission mode to restructure and revamp the public health system.
Answer :-Aardram

29. The real name of film actor Chiranjeevi
Answer :-K.Sivasankara Varaprasad

30. P.K.Mahanta was the Chief Minister of
Answer :-Assam

31. Vivekodayam [Journal] is related to
Answer :-Kumaranasan

32. Venganoor is the birth place of
Answer :-Ayyankali

33. Thatwaprakashika Ashram was founded by
Answer :-Vagbhadananda

34. First President of Travancore Devaswom Board
Answer :-Mannath Padmanabhan

35. Founder of Travancore Muslim Maha Sabha
Answer :- Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi

36. First Nuclear Reactor in India
Answer :- Apsara

37. Author of the book 'After the First Three Minutes'.
Answer :- Thanu Padmanabhan

38. Father of Indian Ecology
Answer :- R.Mishra

39. The first American Astronaut conducted a 'Space Walk'
Answer :- Edward White

40. Amitab Bachan elected to Indian Parliament form
Answer :- Allahabad
41. The heart of a healthy man beats normally per minute.
Answer :-70-80 times

42. Mangroves have special type of roots
A] Pneumatophores
B] Stilt and proproots
C] Horizontal and knee roots
D] All of the above
Answer :- All the above

43. Wildlife (Protection) Act of India was enacted on
Answer :- 1972

44. A disease spread through contact with soil is
Answer :-Tetanus

45. The young chicken raised specifically for meat are called.
Answer :-Broilers
46. Vitamin which is most likely to become deficient in alcoholics is
Answer :-Thiamine

47. Organ of Corti occurs in
Answer :- Internal ear

48. Xerophthalmia in man is caused by the deficiency of
Answer :- Vitamin A

49. World Biodiversity Day is
Answer :-N.A [World Bio-diversity Day - May 22]

50. The first National Park established in India was
Answer :- Jim Corbett

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