Co-operative Bank Examination Expected Questions - 04

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1. Voting principle of a co-operative society is?
Answer :- One man one vote

2. Liability of a sole trade is?
Answer :- Unlimited

3. Partnership is an association of?
Answer :- Persons

4. The basic idea behind co-operation is?
Answer :- Each for all and all for each

5. The co-operative principle were developed in?
Answer :- Four stage

6. The Rochdale pioneers society was set up in the year?
Answer :- 1844

7. On registering a society it should be affiliated to a co-operative union within?
Answer :- 6 months

8. NPA means?
Answer :- Non Performing Asset

9. A co-operative society cannot admit members within ............ days before the election agenda general body?
Answer :- 60 days

10. ......... started the first co-operative credit societies in the world?
Answer :- Germany

11. Minimum number of members required to start an industrial co-operative society is?
Answer :- 10

12. The Consumerfed was organised in the year?
Answer :- 1965

13. ................ the owned funds of state co-operative banks?
Answer :- share capital

14. Medium term loans are given for a period of?
Answer :- 5 years

15. The first Non Agricultural Credit Society was established at?
Answer :- Baroda
16. The NAC was formed in the year?
Answer :- 1976

17. The NDDB was established in the year?
Answer :- 1965

18. The 1st co-operative housing society was established in the year?
Answer :- 1905

19. Co-operative society creates statutory reserved fund from?
Answer :- Net Profit

20. Barca popularie was formed by?
Answer :- Luzzati
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Co-operative Bank Examination

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