Kerala PSC LP/UP School Assistant Expected Questions - 04

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1) A 14 year old boy who runs away from school habitually without proper permission can be named as:
(A) Dropout 

(B) Juvenile delinquent
(C) Truant 

(D) Socially disadvantaged

2) Right To Education(RTE) act was established on:
(A) 2007 

(B) 2008
(C) 2009 

(D) 2010

3) Select the person who stated- “Adolescence is a period of Stress and strain storm and strife”.
(A) Elizabeth Hurlock 

(B) Erickson
(C) Piaget 

(D) Stanley Hall

4) The concept of Divergent and Convergent thinking was introduced by:
(A) Bruner 

(B) Cattel
(C) Guilford 

(D) Thorndike

5) According to Sigmund Freud fixation in personality development can occur at:
(A) Anal stage and Oral stage
(B) Anal stage, Oral stage and Phallic stage
(C) Oral stage, Phallic stage and Genital stage
(D) Anal stage, Oral stage, Phallic stage and Genital stage

6) In the final analysis the effectiveness of student counselling can be judged best by:
(A) The academic success of the student
(B) The adjustment of the student to school life
(C) The personality attributes of the pupil
(D) The effectiveness of the person in subsequent life

7) The ability to deal with hypothetical concepts emerges at ______ stage of development.
(A) Concrete operational stage 

(B) Formal operational stage
(C) Intuitive stage 

(D) Pre operational stage

8) The peculiar nature of Adolescent’s such as desire to be noticed and thinks everyone is noticing them is named as:
(A) Gender identity 

(B) Imaginary audience
(C) Inferiority complex 

(D) Role confusion

9) Acting childishly is an example for:
(A) Reaction formation 

(B) Regression
(C) Repression 

(D) Suppression

10) Running of words together is a speech defect known as:
(A) Lisping 

(B) Slurring
(C) Stammering 

(D) Stuttering
11) Which among the following is the sixth stage of Erickson’s theory?
(A) Industry versus Inferiority
(B) Identity versus Role confusion
(C) Intimacy versus Isolation
(D) Generativity versus Stagnation
12) The term intra individual difference refers:

(A) Difference in a given trait between two or more individuals
(B) Difference among the various traits in an individual
(C) Difference among various individuals in the same family
(D) Difference among various traits in different individuals in the same family
13) The adolescent period is sometimes a period of disorganization and conflict
largely because:
(A) Adolescents have varied conflicting interest at this time
(B) Adolescents forget much of what they previously learned in the school
(C) Social demands made upon them are frequently in conflict with changing needs
(D) Rapid physiological growth occurring at this time
14) As a teacher what action will you take to help a student having speech defect?
(A) Help the student by supplying the words the student is trying to say
(B) Give the student word drill on the words on which he/she stutters
(C) Ensure the help of the other students in correction process
(D) Provide special situations in which the student’s confidence is built up
15) The best way of helping a student who is very poor in peer relation is:
(A) To help him to cultivate interpersonal skills
(B) To induce him to cultivate reading and other media that will compensate
(C) To insist him on his participation even if unpleasant at first
(D) To allow him to abstain from social contacts for a while
16) As a teacher how will you perceive Sex education?
(A) For answering children’s questions on matters of sex
(B) For making adolescents aware of the dangers of sex activity
(C) For promoting healthy attitude towards sex
(D) For providing children with knowledge of the physiology of reproduction
17) Select the best expansion for I E D C
(A) Integrated Education for Delinquent Children
(B) Integrated Education for Disabled Children
(C) Integrated Education for Developing Creativity
(D) Integrated Education for Developing Citizenship
18) Based on cognitive view point the most effective way of learning a complex and complicated skill is:
(A) To practice the whole skill over and over
(B) To practice each part of the skill separately
(C) To practice the whole skill with separate attention to parts where indicated
(D) To integrate part by part in to a continuous performance before proceeding to the next part
19) The right of children to free and compulsory education Act is an act to provide
such education to which age group of children?
(A) To all children of the age group five to sixteen years
(B) To all children of the age group five to fourteen years
(C) To all children of the age group six to fourteen years
(D) To all children of the age group six to sixteen years
20) Mental representations of the spatial locations and directions ,which is needed to reach the goal is:
(A) Cognitive map 
(B) Cognitive structure
(C) Spatial ability 
(D) Spatial intelligence
21) The way in which each learner begins to concentrate, process and retains new
complex information are called:
(A) Learning Strategy 
(B) Learning Methodology
(C) Learning Style 
(D) Learning Mechanism
22) Choose the most suitable combination from the following for the statement-Learning disabled children usually have:
(1) Disorders of attention 

(2) Poor intelligence
(3) Poor time and space orientation 
(4) Perceptual disorders
(A) 1, 2 and 3 only 
(B) 1, 2 and 4 only
(C) 1, 3 and 4 only 
(D) 2,3 and 4 only
23) Who was the chairman of the committee which developed the National Curriculum Framework-2005.
(A) Kapil Sibal
(B) Prof.Krishna Kumar
(C) Prof.Yashpal 
(D) Sampitroda
24) Teaching would come in which of the following classifications?
(A) Technical 
(B) Managerial
(C) Professional 
(D) Service
25) n-Ach stands for:
(A) Need and achievement 
(B) Need for achievement
(C) No achievement 
(D) Number of achievement
26) As a teacher, which record you will prefer to write the particular incidents about
a student?
(A) Anecdotal record 
(B) Attendance record
(C) Cumulative record 
(D) Log record
27) Emotional tension arises due to the blocking of a desire is called:
(A) Anxiety 
(B) Conflict
(C) Empathy 
(D) Frustration
28) General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) is associated with:
(A) Learning disability 
(B) Intelligence
(C) Personality 
(D) Stress
29) The feeling of togetherness or mutual attraction among group members is called:
(A) Group conformity 
(B) Group cohesion
(C) Group dynamics 
(D) Group morale

30) While the teacher is doing black board work, if a student in your class occasionally stands and try to refer the notes of the student sitting near by. What will you infer?
(A) Hyperactivity 
(B) Misbehavior
(C) Curiosity 
(D) Visual defects
31) Who proposed the terms endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph?
(A) Allport 
(B) Cattel
(C) Eysenck 
(D) Sheldon
32) “Tell me all the ways in which meat and milk are alike” This is a sample question for:
(A) Aptitude testing 

(B) Creativity testing
(C) Intelligence testing 
(D) Personality testing
33) The category of I Q ranges from 36-51 is named as:
(A) Educable retarded
(B) Dependant retarded
(C) Life support mental retarded 
(D) Trainable retarded
34) According to Kurt Lewin the long repelling vector indicates:
(A) High attraction towards goal
(B) Moving away from goal
(C) Strong motor perceptual stratum
(D) Strong inner personal stratum
35) Name the animal side of man’s nature according to Jung’s theory.
(A) Anima 
(B) Animus
(C) Persona 
(D) Shadow
36) The relationship of confidence, trust and mutual appreciation between counsellor and counselee is known as:
(A) Adjustment 
(B) Client centered
(C) Rapport 
(D) Sympathy
37) According to Howard Gardner a person with realistic knowledge about his feelings, attitudes and outlook is referred as:
(A) Intra personal intelligence 
(B) Inter personal intelligence
(C) Naturalistic intelligence 
(D) Existential intelligence
38) Which is the best way of giving first hand information about the merits and limitations of a particular occupation:
(A) Group guidance 
(B) Personal guidance
(C) Career talk 
(D) Career conference
39) The major common problem during adolescence:
(A) Anxiety disorder 
(B) Day dreaming
(C) Ego centrism 
(D) Identity crisis
40) Who proposed the concept of fully functioning personality?
(A) Abraham Maslow 
(B) Allport
(C) Carl Rogers 
(D) Eyesenck

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