Number of Candidates for LGS Examination

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Gazette Date: 31/12/2013
Category No: 567/2013
Department : Various
Name of post : Last Grade Servant
Scale of pay : Rs. 8500-13210 /-

Name of District Number of Candidates
Thiruvananthapuram 1,95,216
Kollam 91,779
Pathanamthitta 47,067
Alappuzha 80,028
Idukki 40,881
Kottayam 77,297

Ernakulam 1,46,642
Thrissur 1,04,840
Palakkad 1,16,658
Malappuram 1,02,216
Kasargode 41,459
Wayanad 44,222
Kannur 90,054
Kozhikkode 1,32,347
വിഷയം മാർക്ക്‌
ആനുകാലിക സംഭവങ്ങൾ 
കേരള നവോത്ഥാനം 
ജനറൽ സയൻസ്
Rank List will Be Published :- 2015 March
The Halltickets for the Examinations will be avilable from August 20 onwords. 

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