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Examination Conducted on :- 21/05/2011
31. Which one of the following is not a sign of fluid overload?
Answer :- Abdominal distension

32. The largest cavity in the human body?
Answer :- pelvic cavity

33. The largest part of the brain is ?
Answer :- cerebrum

34. The most common clinical finding associated with cancer of the urinary bladder?
Answer :- pain less haematuria

35. When the body temperature raised to 105 F or above it is called?
Answer :- hyperpyrexia

36. Appropriate position for a client with severe ascites?
Answer :- fowler's

37. Injuction Atrophine Sulphate is given preoperatively, helps to?
Answer :- inhibit oral and respiratory secretions

38. The primary function of the prostate glands?
Answer :- to produce a secretion that aids the nourishment and passage of sperm

39. A client at risk for increased intracranial pressure, which of the following would be the priority for the nurse to monitor?
Answer :- unequal pupil size

40. Which of the following is an initial sign of Parkinson's disease?
Answer :- tremor

41. Which symptom is an early indicator of hypoxia in an unconscious client?
Answer :- restlessness

42. Frequent Vaginal examination should be avoided in a pregnant client with premative rupture of membrane because they can?
Answer :- increase risk for infection

43. Which of the following would be an important assessment finding for an eight month old infant admitted with severe diarrhoea?
Answer :- depressed anterior fontanelle

44. Peripheral blood flow is dependent on?
Answer :- pressure differences in the arterial and venous system and resistance

45. Maniere's disease affects?
Answer :- EAR

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