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Examination Conducted on :- 21/05/2011
16. Which patient is at riok for respiratory acidosis?
(The patient with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, The patient with chronic pulmonary disease, The patient who is very anxious, The patient who overuses antacids) 
Answer :- The patient with chronic pulmonary disease

17. After a laryngectomy, which of the following assessment take priority?
Answer :- Airway patency and respiratory function

18. Which results from too much cortisol secretion in the body?
Answer :- Cushing's syndrome

19. A butterfly rush is a classic symptom of ..... which of the following disorder?
(Paget's disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo sarcoma, Lupus erythematous)
Answer :- Lupus erythematous

20. Who is the President of Trained Nurses association of India?
Answer :- Sr.Prof.Gilbert

21. Basic unit of health care delivery service is ?
Answer :- Sub centers situated in the village

22. The normal number cardiac cycles per minute range from?
Answer :- 60-80

23. A primary central organ of the lymphatic system, plays vital role in immunity?
Answer :- thymus

24. In a blood pressure recordings, it is 110/80 mm/Hg the pulse pressure in this value is ?
Answer :- 30

25. In MASLOW's hierarchy of needs, which considered as the most basic?
Answer :- physiological needs

26. One of the toxic symptoms to be watched for in a patient getting Digoxin is?
Answer :- Bradycardia

27. The best treatment for an allergy is?
Answer :- Prevent the person from coming in contact with the sensitizing allergens

28. Which one of the following is not necessary in the management of pulmonary oedema?
Answer :- thoracentesis

29. The largest gland in the human body?
Answer :- Liver

30. Cigarette smoking can affect the circulation by?
Answer :- narrowing of the blood vessels

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