Postal Assistant Previous Question Paper 2010

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1. The Jathaka Tales were composed in the ancient language of .... ?
Answer :- Pali
2. Who is the Head of Indian State?
Answer :- President
3. When was constitution of India adopted by 'Constituent Assembly'?
Answer :- 26th November 1949
4. Which countries participated in Common Wealth Games?
Answer :- Countries which were colonies of British Empire
5. Viswanathan Anand is associated with which game?
Answer :- Chess

6. HTTP stands for?
Answer :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
7. Polio disease is spread by?
Answer :- Virus
8. Phylloquinone is the chemical name of ?
Answer :- Vitamin K
9. The best Parliamentarian Award for 2009 has been conferred on?
Answer :- M.M.Joshi
10. Lothal had structured which, according to some archaeologists, was a ?
Answer :- Dockyard

11. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists of ?
Answer :- Butane and Propane
12. The hobby of collecting stamps is called ?
Answer :- Philately
13. The new Rupee symbol is a combination of English and ...... scripts?
Answer :- Devanagari
14. The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 was awarded to ?
Answer :- Barack Obama
15. Who is the author of 'Rajtarangini' commonly regards as the first genuine history of India written by an Indian?
Answer :- Kalhana

16. Twitter, Facebook and Orkut are examples of ..... website.
Answer :- Social Networking
17. H1N1 virus causes which disease?
Answer :- Swine Flue
18. Biological pigment that determines skin colour in humans is called?
Answer :- Melanin

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