Co-Operative Society Exam Questions - 001

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Books and Records to be maintained by Co-operative Societies
 Accounts Books and Records maintained byCo-operative Societies under Rule 29   Period for which books are to be maintained by Co-operative societies under Rule 31
 Minutes books for recording preoceedings of committee and of the General Body of members  Permanent 
 Share application register  3 Years
 Admission Register  Permanent
 Nomination Register  Permanent
 Day Book and Cash Book  Permanent
 Receipt Book  10 Years
 Voucher File  5 Years
 Deposits and Borrowing Ledger  Permanent

 Register of monthly receipts and disbursements  5 Years
 Register of Dividend  7 Years
 Suspense Account Register  5 Years
 Rectification Register  5 Years
 Loan Application Register  3 Years
 Loan Ledger  Permanent

 Liability Register  Permanent
 Register of Property  Permanent
 Register of closed Loans  5 Years
 Register of arbitration and execution  3 Years
 Register of declaration under section 36  12 Years
 Register of lands cultivated by members  Permanent
 Credit Limit Statement  3 Years
 Surety with unlimited liability ( Property statement of members)  Permanent
 Register of fluid resources  Permanent

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