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1. Chairman, ICC (Dubai)

Answer :-  Shashank Manohar

2. President, ICC (Dubai)
Answer :-  Zaheer Abbas

3. CEO, International Cricket Council (ICC) (Dubai)
Answer :-  David Richardson

4. President, International Association of Athletic Federation (Monaco)
Answer :- Sebastian Coe

5. President, International Hockey Federation (FIH) (Lausanne)
Answer :-  Leandro Negre

6. International ICE Hockey Federation (Zurich)
Answer :- Rene Fasel

7. President of Indian Olympic Association Of India
Answer :- N.Ramachandran

8. President of Paralympic Committee Of India
Answer :-  Rajesh Tomar

9 . President of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)
Answer :-  Shashank Manohar

10. President of Badminton Association Of India
Answer :- Akhilesh Das Gupta

11 . President of Indian Amateur Boxing Federation Of India
Answer :- Abhishek Matoria

12 .President of All India Chess Federation Of India
Answer :- J.C.D.Prabhakar

13. President of Indian Hockey Federation Of India
Answer :- K.D.Singh 

14. President of All India Tennis Association Of India ?
Answer :- Anil Khanna

15. President of Archery Association Of India ?
Answer :- Vijay Kumar Malhotra

16 . President of Volleyball Federation Of India ?
Answer :- C.Avadesh Kumar

17 . President of Hockey India ?
Answer :- Mariamma Koshy

Last Updated On :- 08/01/2016



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