General English Series - 1

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When we speak or write, we use words. When words are in meaningful combinations, conveying complete sense, we call them a sentences.
Read the following groups of words.
  • The useful is a computer machine.
  • A useful computer is the machine.
  • The computer is a useful machine.
Only the last of these can be called a sentence, because that alone conveys complete sense.
Excercise [Say which one of the following are 'sentence' and which are not. Rewrite the wrong ones correctly]
  1. The animal is a useful cow.
  2. He sat on a bench in the park.
  3. Works in my Gulf the brother.
  4. My mother is a teacher.
  5. Rahul Dravid a cricketer is great.
  6. A great was Mugal Emperor Akbar.
  7. Is what name your?
  8. Where are you going?
  9. Nice it is how!
  10. Do you told are as.
  11. Quit be please.
  12. Good of you how to come!
Answer of General English Series - 1 Exercise.
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