Kerala PSC Assistant Labour Officer Previous Question Paper

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Here is the Question Solved Question Paper of ASSISTANT LABOUR OFFICER GRADE II in LABOUR DEPARTMENT. Kerala Public Service Commission conducted the examination on 27 February 2020. The Medium of Question is in ENGLISH. And the Question Paper Code is 014/2020. Please Check the following for the same.
1. Human Resource Management means :
(A) Organisation 
(B) Policy
(C) Effective use of people 
(D) None of the above 
2. Which one of the following factor not included in the scope of HRM?
(A) Employment 
(B) Health and safety
(C) Employees service 
(D) Termination
3. Recognition of individuals as unique and integrating people in to work situation is :
(A) Motivation function 
(B) Maintenance function
(C) Development function 
(D) None of the above
4. The development and practice of HRM begins with :
(A) Industrialisation 
(B) Education
(C) Consumerism 
(D) None
5. The total member of workers employed by a company on a specific job is :
(A) Work force 
(B) Wages
(C) Group 
(D) Capital
6. Father of Human Resource Management is :
(A) George Elton Mayo
(B) Taylor
(C) Robert Merton 
(D) Edwin
7. Which among the following factors are not escalate the labour supply in India?
(A) Population growth 
(B) Rural-Urban unemployment
(C) Low degree of Industrialisation 
(D) Self-Sufficient Rural area
8. Which one of the following factor is not responsible for slow growth of HRM in India?
(A) Low arrival of factory system 
(B) Low status of Industrial worker
(C) Professionalism 
(D) Good working condition 
9. The procedure by which pertinant information is obtained about a job is known :
(A) Job analysis 
(B) Job discription
(C) Job specification 
(D) None of the above
10. Subdivision of work being performed in the vertical scale provide :
(A) Unit analysis 
(B) Simple layout
(C) Easy movement
 (D) Responsible supervision
11. The process of incooperating human resource needs in the light of organisational goal is
known as :
(A) Human Resource Planning 
(B) Human Resource Management
(C) Human Resource Development 
(D) None of the above
12. The interview method, which is the procedure for discovery of leadership is called :
(A) Non-direct interview 
(B) Planned interview
(C) Hiring interview 
(D) Group- interview
13. The concept by HRD was first introduced by :
(A) Leonard Nadler 
(B) Elton Mayo
(C) Robert Owen 
(D) G.H. Mead
14. A frame work and practice for helping employees to develop their personal and organisational skill is known as :
(A) Human Resource Management 
(B) Human Resource Development
(C) Human Resource Policy 
(D) Human Resource Planning
15. Human Resource Development created a structure in the workplace which is really :
(A) Independent 
(B) Isolation
(C) Self-Oriented 
(D) Inter-dependent
16. The major function of Human Resource Development is :
(A) Development of individuals and unit
(B) Development of units
(C) Maintenance of units
(D) Isolation of units 
17. Which among the following is the benefits of HRD? 
(A) Keep the old skill 
(B) No appraisal 
(C) Not transparent 
(D) Mutual trust and respect 
18. The main goal of training evaluation is : 
(A) Improve the skills 
(B) Omission from job 
(C) Giving punishment 
(D) Reduce work hours 
19. Which one of the following is not an element of employee development? 
(A) Improving skill in communication 
(B) Give rewards 
(C) Motivation 
(D) Criticism 
20. Based on the skills and abilities of employee, the placement given in higher strata of job is : 
(A) Promotion 
(B) Reversal 
(C) Suspension 
(D) Stagnation 
21. A software that provides the storage processes and manages employers data is known as : 
(A) Human Resource Information 
(B) Human Resource Development 
(C) Human Resource Management 
(D) Human Resource Application 
22. The benefit of Human Resource information : 
(A) Accuracy of employers data
(B) More time on clerical work 
(C) Need paper file 
(D) Less accessable 
23. The important help provided by HRI to the employee is : 
(A) Security and privacy 
(B) Not Security 
(C) No mobile capability 
(D) Others 
24. Which one among the following is not the feature of HRI? 
(A) Data Management 
(B) Performance appraisal 
(C) Reporting 
(D) Paper file system 
25. HRI is applicable for : 
(A) Big size business 
(B) Small scale business 
(C) Small, medium and big business 
(D) Others 
1. C
2. A
3. A
4. A
5. A
6. A
7. D
8. C
9. A
10. D
11. A
12. D
13. A
14. B
15. D
16. A
17. D
18. A
19. D
20. A
21. A
22. A
23. A
24. D
25. C
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