Kerala PSC LINEMAN Previous Question Paper

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Kerala PSC LINEMAN (ELECTRICAL WING) in PUBLIC WORKS Previous Question Paper. Examination is held on 27.05.2015
1.Which one of the following is used as a passive-component in electric circuits? 
(A) Resistor
(B) Transistor
(C) Tunnel diode
(D) Vaccum triode
2. The length of a conductor is doubled, then its resistance will be : 
(A) Became same
(B) Became halfed
(C) Became doubled
(D) Four times increased
3. The defects of a primary cell is: 
(A) Sulfation and buckling
(B) Local action and polarization
(C) Sulphation and local action
(D) Buckling and polarization T
4. The insulator used to separate commutator segmentis: 
(A) Asbestos
(C) Mica
(D) Wood

7. What is the purpose of retardation test? 
(A) Determining copper loss of series motor
(B) Determining copper loss of shunt motor
(C) Determining stray loss of series motor
(D) Determining stray loss of shunt motor

8. The input signal to an amplifier having again of 200 is gives 2 v output. The value of input voltage is: 
(A) 100 cos(313l+180)
(B) 100 cos(313l)
(C) 100 cos(313l+90)
(D) 200 cos(493l)
9. The operating temperature of carbon filament lamps are: 
(A) 3655°K
(B) 3172°K
(C) 2972°K
(D) 2073°K
10. The motor used in a ceiling fan is: 
(A) Split phase motor
(B) Capacitor start motor
(C) Shaded pole motor
(D) AC series motor
11. The Thevenin-Norton equivalent of a network can be found: 
(A) if it contains voltage sources only
(B) if it contains current sources only
(C) if it contains voltage/current sources but not dependent sources
(D) even if it contains voltage/current sources and or dependent sources
12. Which type of file is available in half round shape? 
(A) Bastard file
(B) Rasp cut file
(C) Double cut file
(D) Curved cut file
13. The direction of rotation of a motor is determined by: 
(A) Fleming Right Hand Rule
(B) Amperes Right Hand Rule
(C) Flemings Left Hand Rule
(D) Cork Scrue Rule
14. The fusing factor of HRC fuse will be: 
(A) 1.1
(B) 1.4
(C) 1.6
(D) 1.11
15. A coil of 1000 turns on a core would create a fleux of two m Webber when carrying a current of 1 A. The energy stored in the magnetic field is 
(A) 1/4 joule
(B)  1/2 jule
(C) 1 joule
(D) 2 joule
16. Avalanche break down in a semiconductor diode occures - when? 
(A) forward bias exceeds a certain value
(B) the potential value is reduced to zero
(C) forward current exceeds a certain value
(D) a reverse bias exceeds a certain value
17. At which length do you have to change the brushes of a DC machine? 
(A) 1/2 length
(B) 2/3 length
(C) 1/3 of original length
(D) 3/4 of orginal length
18. The primary and secondary connection of a distribution transformer is: 
(A) primary and secondary star
(B) primary and secondary delta
(C) primary delta, secondary star
(D) primary star secondary delta
19. Electric field intensity is: 
(A) scalar quantity
(B) phasor quantity
(C) vector quantity
(D) none of the above
20. The speed of a 50 Hirtz. Three Phase induction Motor at full load condition is 720 RPM, the number of poles of the motor is: 
(A) 12
(B) 8
(C) to
(D) 4
21. Water heater has minimum insulation resistance of: 
(A) 1 mega ohm
(B) 2 mega ohm
(C) 0,5 mega ohm
(D) 0.25 mega ohm
22. The function of controll grid in a pentode tube is: 
(A) to accilarate the electrons emitted from cathode
(B) to controll the secondary emission from the plate
(C) to collect electrons from the space charge
(D) to controll the number of electrons moving from cathode to plate
23. A 40-wamp is connected across a 240 volt supply what is the resistance of the supply? 
(A) 14400 on
(B) 1440 on
(C) 144 on
(D) 14.4 on
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