New Ranked / Short List of Kerala PSC 10 May 2019

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(1) Inclusion of Register Numbers in this list is purely provisional subject to scrutiny and final admission ofapplication on absolute basis. Inclusion of Register numbers in the Short list does not confer any right on thecandidate for inclusion in the Ranked List.

(2) The candidates who have secured specific (check out the Short list) marks and above in the OMRtest are included in the Main List of the Short list and the requisite marks have been lowered to the extentnecessary in respect of the Supplementary list.

(3) Candidates included in the Short List should present in person with their original certificate for OTRverification and interview. Date, Time and Venue of OTR verification and interview of candidates included inthis short list will be intimated by SMS and Profile message.

(4) According to the existing procedure, revaluation of answer scripts is not allowed but answer scriptscan be rechecked after the publication of Ranked List. Detailed instructions will be published in the Ranked Listto be published for the post.

(5) Candidates belonging to Other Backward Classes included in this list who are required to produce Non– Creamy Layer Certificate as per G.O (P) No: 81/09/SC/ST/DD dated 26.09.2009 shall produce the same alongwith the other documents mentioned above at the time of verification of original documents.SC/ST candidatesincluded in the short list are required to produce Community Certificate issued under rule 4 of Kerala(scheduledcaste and Scheduled Tribes) Regulation of issue of Community Certificate rules,2002 by the Revenue Authority.

(6) Copy of answer scripts of the OMR Test held on the examination date will be issued to those candidates who,apply for the same remitting the prescribed fee after approval of the Ranked List. Candidates whose Register Numbers are invalidated are advised to refer to Notification No : ERVII(2)4185/18/EW dated 10/01/2019.
NOTES for Ranked List
(1) :- The Ranked List shall cease to be in force after one year from the date of finalization of the ranked list.Candidates from the Ranked List will be advised for appointment in accordance with the rules and orders regardingreservation and rotation as amended from time to time, if applicable, against vacancies reported to the Commissionduring the pendancy of the Ranked List. As the advice for appointment depends on the occurance of vacancies thereis no guarantee that all the candidates included in the Ranked List will secure appointment. The candidates remainingin the Ranked List at the time of cancellation will have no claim at all for appointment on the basis of the inclusion oftheir names in the Ranked List.

(2) :- According to the existing procedure, revaluation of Answer Script is not allowed. But Answer Scripts willbe rechecked if the candidates apply for in the prescribed application form available free of cost from the EnquirySections of the various Offices of the Commission or its photocopy, or downloaded and printed in A 4 size paper fromthe Commissions website or Photocopied there from along with prescribed fee of Rs. 80/-(Rupees Eighty Only) under the Head of Account "0051 - PSC - 105 State PSC 99 - Examination Fee" addressed tothe Deputy Secretary (Examinations)-II, Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattom P.O.,Thiruvananthapuram-695004. Applications submitted in any other manner will not be considered. A period of 45 (Forty Five) days time toapply for rechecking of Answer Scripts will be allowed to candidates with effect from the Date of Approval of theRanked List (on or before 21/06/2019). The candidates can avail only one chance after the Approval of Ranked List.Rechecking of invalidated answer scripts due to any defects will not be considered. Application for Recheckingreceived after the stipulated time will not be entertained and Fee once remitted will not be refunded.

(3) :- Candidates who wish to obtain a photocopy of their OMR Answer Sheets (Part A & Part B) relating to this selection shall remit a Fee of Rs. 315/- (Rupees Three Hundred and fifteen only) in any of the Treasuries in the State(Head of Account : 0051 - PSC - 800 - State PSC -99-Other Receipts). The duly filled in application in the prescribedform available from the Commissions website along with the original chalan should besubmitted to the Deputy Secretary (Examinations)-II, Kerala Public Service Commission, Pattom P.O.,Thiruvananthapuram- 695004 within 45 (Forty Five) days from the date of approval of the Ranked List. A copy of ananswer sheet will be issued only once to a candidate.Copies of OMR answer sheets invalidated due to any defect willnot be issued. Candidates are prohibited from applying for copy of an answer sheet which is not their own, and legalproceedings will be initiated against those who do so. Check out the last date for receipt of applications inside the Ranklist. .Applications received after the prescribed date will not be entertained.

(4) :- The entries put in column (8) are based on the Communities specified by the candidate in their Application forms and proved by them with necessary documents. The candidate whose Communities have not been correctly noted in the Ranked List as proved by them in their Application should intimate the fact to the Deputy Secretary (Examinations) -II, Kerala Public Service Commission, Thiruvananthapuram - 695004 within one month from the Date of publication of the Ranked List to get the benefit of Reservation to which they are entitled to. In theabsence of timely information regarding discrepancies if any, the candidate will be advised as incorporated in theRanked List.

(5) :- " Any candidate can relinquish his/her right for appointment in writing duly attested by a Gazetted Officer of State/ Central Government with Signature, Name, Designation and Office Seal along with a notarized affidavit anda self attested copy of an ID proof bearing photograph as enlisted in the general conditions. The request for relinquishment received within 15 days from the date of publication of Ranked List in the official website of the Commission will be honoured against the requisitions of vacancies that are pending with the Commission up to the finalization of the Ranked List. After the publication of the Ranked List, the request for relinquishment will be considered only if such request is received on or before the date of receipt of requisition, based on which he/she is to be advised".

(6) :- The A part and B part of OMR scripts will be destroyed after completing 6 months period from the date offinalisation of Ranked list.
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