Kerala PSC Degree Level Examination Expected Questions - 501

Share it: is presenting a General Knowledge Questions with answers on Zoology and Botany. In this set we included only those kinds of questions which are asked by Kerala Public Service Commission in the Degree Level Exams like Secretariat Assistant, Lower Division Clerk etc..
4731.The authority to specify as to which castes shall be deemed to be Schedule Castes rests with the:
Answer:- President

4732. Which article is related to 'Equal Justice and Free legalaid'?
Answer:- Article 39 A

4733. Which article is related to Special Address by the President?
Answer:- Article 87

4734. The Supreme Court judge must have been a High Court Judge for at least a period of:
Answer:- Five years

4735. Which amendemnt seeks to extend reservation for the Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes and Anglo-Indian upto 2020?
Answer:- 95th Amendement

4736. The Indian Constitution does not clearly provide for the freedom of press, but this freedom is implicit in Article?
Answer:- Article 19(1)(a)

4737. Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period of?
Answer:- 14 days

4738. Who appoints "Ad hoc' Judges of the Supreme Court?
Answer:- Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with permission of President

4739. Which Constitutional Amendment introduced the anti-defection provisions in the Constitution?
Answer:- 52nd Amendment

4740. Under which article, the Supreme Court has been given the powers to review any judgement pronounced or order made by it previously?
Answer:- Article 137

4741.The first Official Language Commission, as required under Article 344 of the Constitution, was constituted by the President in?
Answer:- 1955

4742. The Inter-State Council, a non-permanent constitutional body set up by a presidential order on the basis of provisions in Article 263 of the Constitution of India in?
Answer:- 1990

4743. Which Indian artist decorated the hand written copy of the Constitution of India?
Answer:- Nandalal Bose

4744. In which Constitutional Amendment Act seats of Lok Sabha were increased from 525 to 545?
Answer:- 31st Constitutional Amendment Act of 1973

4745. How are legislative excesses of Parliament and State Assemblies checked?
Answer:- Judicial Review

4746. Which functionary can be invited to give his opinion in the Parliament?
Answer:- Attonery General of India

4747. In which house of the Parliament the Presiding Officer is not a member of the House?
Answer:- Rajya Sabha

4748. The Speakers vote in the Lok Sabha is called?
Answer:- Casting Vote

4749. Which authority should an Indian citizen approach for securing his fundamental right of personal freedom guaranteed by the Constitution?
Answer:- The Supreme Court or a High Court

4750. The system of Proportional Representation is used in the election of the:
Answer:- President

4751.The Government of India Act 1935 envisaged the introduction of:
Answer:- Federal form of Government

4752.The first mid-term elections for Lok Sabha were held in which year?
Answer:- 1971

4753. Which type of authority is attributed to the President of India?
Answer:- Constitutional and nominal

4754. Which Article of the Constitution permits the Supreme Court to review its own judgement or order?
Answer:- Article 137

4755. The proclamation of Emergenncy under Article 352 was made by the President for the first time in?
Answer:- 1962

4756. The Secretary-General of Lok Sabha, who is the Chief of its Secretariat is appointed by the?
Answer:- Speaker

4757.Who has the right to transfer any case anywhere in India?
Answer:- Supreme Court

4758. Who is the final authority to interpret the Constitution?
Answer:- The Supreme Court

4759. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution can the President be impeached?
Answer:- Article 61

4760. As per Article 100(3) the quorum to constitute a meeting of either House of Parliament is?
Answer:- One-tenth of the total number of members of that House

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