High Courts in India

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Keralapschelper.com is presenting given below is the main points related with the High Court which is an important topic under general awareness, regarding Constitution of India. It is important for any well educated and aware individual of the country to know the names of all previous President of India. We recommend you to bookmark this page and come back often to it, to ensure they remain in in your memory.

Article 214 states that there shall be a High Court for each state. It is the highest judicial body in the state. The Supreme Court has no direst administrative control over them, nor are thet any way controlled by either the State Legislature or the Executives. Each High Court consists of a Chief Justice and such as other Judges as the President may from time to time deem it necessary to appoint.

* The institution of High Court orginated in India in 1862 when the three High Courts at Culcutta, Bombay and Madras were set up.
* Latest High Cort is set up in Thelangana in 1st January 2019.
Culcutta 1862 West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Island
Bombay 1862 Maharashtra, Goa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu
Madras 1862 Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry
Allahabad 1866 Uttar Pradesh
Karnataka 1884 Karnataka
Patna 1916 Bihar
Madhya Pradesh 1936 Madhya Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir 1943 Jammu and Kashmir
Punjab and Haryana 1947 Punjab, Haryana, Chndigrah
Gauhati 1948 Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram
Odisha 1948 Odisha
Rajasthan 1949 Rajasthan
Andhra Pradesh 1954 Andhra Pradesh
Kerala 1956 Kerala, Lakshadweep
Gujarath 1960 Gujarath
Delhi 1966 Delhi
Himachal Pradesh 1971 Himachal Pradesh
Sikkim 1975 Sikkim
Chhattisgrah 2000 Chhattisgrah
Jharkhand 2000 Jharkhand
Uttarakhand 2000 Uttarakhand
Manipur 2013 Manipur
Meghalaya 2013 Meghalaya
Tripura 2013 Tripura
Telangana 2019 Telangana
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