Kerala PSC Radiographer Grade II Solved Question Paper

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21.T2 sequences use
(A) Longer TR and longer TE
(C) Longer TR and shorter TE
(B) Shorter TR and longer TE
(D) Shorter TR and shorter TE
22. Echo planar imaging forms echoes using
(A) Successive 90-degree pulses
(C) Successive 180 degree pulses
(B) Successive alternating 90-degree pulses
(D) Successive alternating gradients
23. Lingula of lung is best seen in which X-ray view ?
(A) Lordotic
(B) Apical
(C) Left lateral decubitus
(D) Right lateral decubitus
24. Most signal in K space is present
(A) in the centre
(B) in the periphery
(C) along the frequency encoding axis
(D) along gradient encoding axis
25. In order to decrease dose in large patients
(A) decrease kV and improve image noise
(B) increase kV and improve image noise
(C) increase in kV and improve in contrast
(D) decrease in kV and improve in contrast
26. CT density of water in HU : (A) 0 (B) 70 (C) 1000 (D) – 30 27. Strikers view is used for : (A) Shoulder (B) Patella (C) Cervicothoracic junction (D) None of the above 28. MRI full form is (A) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (B) Multiple Resonance Imaging (C) Magnetic Reformatted Imaging (D) Magnetizing Radiological Imaging 29. Contrast used in IVU study (A) Barium sulphate (B) Magnavist (C) Ultravist (D) Carbon dioxide
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