Kerala PSC Company Corporation Assistant Previous Question Paper 2018 (Part - 1)

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The Kerala Public Service Commission conducted an OMR Examination for the Candidates those who applied for the post of JUNIOR ASSISTANT / CASHIER / ASSISTANT GRADE 2 / CLERK GRADE 1 / TIME KEEPER GRADE 2 / JUNIOR CLERK etc.. in COMPANY/CORPORATION DEPARTMENT.
1. Which of the following instrument is used for measuring atmospheric pressure?
Answer :- Barometer

2. The nitrogen base which is not present in DNA is.............
Answer :- Uracil

3. Which of the following disease is not a bacterial disease?
Answer :- Chicken-pox

4. The part of brain which help the body balance.
Answer :- Cerebellum

5. "Calcium hydroxide" is the chemical name of .............
Answer :- Milk of lime

6. Iodine is used to detet which of the following constituents of food?
Answer :- Starch

7. Who discovered Pencilline in 1928?
Answer :- Alexander Fleming

8. Which is the lightest metal?
Answer :- Lithium

9. The instrument which converts sounds to electric signal is ...........
Answer :- Microphone

10. The non-metal which is in liquid state at atmospheric temperature
Answer :-Bromine

11. Who is the author of the book 'The Quest For A World Without Hunger'?
Answer :- Dr.M.S.Swaminathan

12. The winner of Nobel Prize for Ecnomics in 2017?
Answer :- Richard Thailor

13. Which of the following harbor in Indian Ocean has recently been transfered to China by Sri Lanka?
Answer :- Humben Thotta

14. Who is the new Chairman of National Schedule Tribes Commission?
Answer :- Nand Kumar Sai

15. Who is the new President of Liberia?
Answer :-George Weah

16. The new Asia Cup Women Hockey Champion?
Answer :-India

17. Who among the following is recently appointed as the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF?
Answer :- Lilly Singh

18. The winner of the Dada Saheb Phalke Award 2016?
Answer :-K.Viswanath

19. Who is the Miss Universe of 2017?
Answer :- Demi Le Nel Peters

20. The first underwater rail tunnel in India is constructed under which river?
Answer :- Hugli

21. Pathiramanal Island is situated in?
Answer :- Vembanad Lake

22. The district Malappuram was formed in?
Answer :- 1969

23. Veenapoovu of Kumaranashan was first published in the Newspaper?
Answer :- Mithawadi

24. Who among the following Malayalees got Padmavibhooshan in 2017?
Answer :- K.J.Yeshudas

25. Who amoung the following was the fisrt Chief Justice of the High Court of Kerala?
Answer :- Justic.K.T.Koshi

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