Kerala PSC CIVIL POLICE OFFICER Previous Question Paper 2018 - Part 1

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Name of the Post Codes 653/2017 & 657/2017
Name of Posts Civil Police Officer
Name of the Department Kerala Police Department
Number of Vacancies 375
Qualification Plus Two
Age Limit 18 - 26
Salary scale ₹22,200 – ₹48,000
Date of Examination 22 July 2018
1. Who was given the title of ‘Kavithilakam’ by Maharaja of Cochi ?
 (A) Vagbhadananda (B) Pandit Karuppan (C) Kumara Guru (D) Kumaranasan

2. The book ‘Moksha Pradeepam’ is authored by (A) Brahmananda Sivayogi (B) Vaikunta Swamikal (C) Sree Narayana Guru (D) Vagbhadananda

3. Where is the first branch of ‘Brahma Samaj’ started in Kerala ? (A) Kochi (B) Palakkad (C) Kannur (D) Kozhikode

4. The only one district in Kerala produce tobacco
 (A) Wayanad (B) Idukki (C) Kasargod (D) Kannur

5. On which of the following rivers is Ukai dam located ?
 (A) Ravi (B) Narmada (C) Beas (D) Tapti

6. Chutak Hydro-Electric project being constructed by NHPC in Kargil is on the river
 (A) Suru (B) Jhelum (C) Kunar (D) Ravi

7. Considering sea transport, GPS stands for
 (A) Greenwich Placement Systems
(B) Global Placement Systems
 (C) German Placement Systems
(D) Global Positioning Systems

8. Anshi National Park is situated in the state of
 (A) Andhra Pradesh (B) Tripura (C) Karnataka (D) Tamil Nadu

9. Which was the first Indian Private Airline to launch flights to China ?
 (A) Sahara Airlines (B) Indigo (C) Kingfisher Airlines (D) Jet Airways

10. National Research Centre for Banana is located at
 (A) Thiruvananthapuram (B) Trichy (C) Bangalore (D) Tirupur

11. Pagal Panthi Movement was of
 (A) Garo (B) Naga (C) Paharia (D) Santhal

12. Which among the following states of India was ruled by the Ahom dynasty ?
 (A) Tripura (B) Nagaland (C) Assam (D) Manipur

13. Which mountain range separates the Indo-Gangetic Plain from Deccan Plateau ?
 (A) The Sahyadri (B) The Vindhyas (C) The Aravalli (D) The Satpura

14. The tidal port of India
 (A) Visakhapatnam (B) Cochin (C) Kandla (D) Mumbai

15. The Jarawas was tribal people of
(A) Meghalaya (B) Andaman group of Islands (C) Madhya Pradesh (D) Bihar

16. Who among the Delhi Sultans was known as Lakh Baksh ?
 (A) Qutb-ud-din-aibak (B) Balban (C) Sikandar Lodi (D) Iltutmish

17. The Indian classical music work Ragdarpan was translated into Persian during the reign of
 (A) Shahjahan (B) Akbar (C) Firuz Tughlaq (D) Muhammad bin Tughlaq

18. The Indian Institute of Horticulture Research is located at which among the following ?
 (A) Bhopal (B) Ranchi (C) Shimla (D) Bangalore

19. The treaty of Seaguli defined the relation of British India with which among the following neighbours ?
 (A) Afghanistan (B) Nepal (C) Burma (D) Sri Lanka

20. The Regulation XVII passed by the British Government was related to
 (A) Abolition of Slavery (B) Suppression of Thugs (C) Abolition of Caste System (D) Abolition of Sati

21. The Sarabandhi Campaign of 1922 was led by
 (A) Sukhdev (B) C.R. Das (C) Motilal Nehru (D) Vallabhbhai Patel

22. Digital India Programme was launched on
 (A) 2014 (B) 2015 (C) 2016 (D) 2017

23. Indian Government issued Dowry Prohibition Act in the year
 (A) 1961 (B) 1964 (C) 1965 (D) 1967

24. Where was the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted ?
 (A) New York (B) London (C) Paris (D) Zurich

25. Who among the following was the Chairman of Fundamental Rights Sub-committee of Constituent Assembly ?
 (A) Rajendra Prasad (B) J.B. Kripalani (C) B.R. Ambedkar (D) Jawahar Lal Nehru

26. Which of the following Article empowers the President to appoint Prime Minister of India ?
 (A) Article – 75 (B) Article – 76 (C) Article – 84 (D) Article – 77

27. Who among the following did not serve as the Vice-President before becoming President of India ?
 (A) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (B) R. Venkataraman (C) Neelam Sanjeev Reddy (D) Dr. Zakir Hussain

28. ‘Pipavav’ in Gujarat is best known for which among the following ?
 (A) India’s first ship breaking yard
(B) India’s first private port
 (C) India’s first oil refinery
(D) None of the above

29. At which place Alakananda and Bhagirathi meets and take name Ganga ?
 (A) Haridwar (B) Kashi (C) Varanasi (D) Devaprayag

30. In which river India’s largest riverine Island Majuli is situated ?
 (A) Brahmaputra (B) Yamuna (C) Kaveri (D) Mahanadi

31. Which of the following dam is not on the river Krishna ?
 (A) Nagarjuna Sagar (B) Almatti (C) Krishnaraja Sagar (D) Srisailam

32. Maulavi Ahammadullah led the 1857 Revolt in
 (A) Kanpur (B) Faizabad (C) Jagadishpur (D) Awadh

33. The Wahabi and Kuka movements witnessed during the Viceroyality of
 (A) Lord Dalhousie (B) Lord Curzon (C) Lord Hardinge (D) Lord Mayo

34. National Human Rights Commission is formed in
 (A) 1993 (B) 1996 (C) 1997 (D) 1998

35. Which programme given the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ ?
 (A) 3rd Five Year Plan (B) 4th Five Year Plan (C) 5th Five Year Plan (D) 6th Five Year Plan

36. Which one of the following was launched with the objective of helping the poor in rural areas to become self employed ?

37. Which of the following is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in India ?

38. Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution ?
 (A) B.R. Ambedkar (B) Mahatma Gandhi (C) Jawahar Lal Nehru (D) B. N. Rao

39. NITI Aayog the new name of Planning Commission established in the year 
(A) 2010 (B) 2012 (C) 2014 (D) 2015

40. Headquarter of Bharatiya Mahila Bank
 (A) Mumbai (B) Delhi (C) Calcutta (D) Hyderabad

41. Joint Military Exercise of India and Nepal
 (A) Mitra Shakti (B) Maitree (C) Surya Kiran (D) Imbax

42. Kirobo is the world’s first talking robot. It was developed by
 (A) USA (B) Japan (C) China (D) Canada

43. Bhimbetka famous for Rock Shelters and Cave Painting located at
 (A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Rajasthan (C) Punjab (D) Madhya Pradesh

44. India’s Largest National Park Hemis situated in
 (A) Jammu Kashmir (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Punjab (D) Rajasthan

45. The Union Territory that scatters in three states
 (A) Chandigarh (B) Delhi (C) Puducherry (D) Dadra and Nagar Haveli

46. Who recommended formation of Unilingual State of Punjab for Punjabi speaking people ?
 (A) JVP Commission (B) Shah Commission (C) Dhar Commission (D) Fazal Ali Commission

47. Who among the following were popularly known as ‘Red Shirts’ ?
(A) Followers of Rani Gaidiliu (B) Members of Forward bloc
(C) Congress Socialist (D) Khudai Khidmatgars

48. Which of the following exercised profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution ?
 (A) The Government of India Act, 1935 (B) British Constitution (C) US Constitution (D) Irish Constitution

49. From where was India’s Multipurpose Telecommunication Satellite INSAT-2E-launched ?
 (A) Sriharikota (B) Thumba (C) Kourou (D) Baikanour

50. First Hydro-Electric Power Plant in India
 (A) Shimla (B) Darjeeling (C) Karnataka (D) Bhopal

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