Co-operative Bank Examination Expected Questions - 07

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31. The birth of Co-operative movement is in
(A) Germany
(C) Netherlands
(B) Canada
(D) None of these
32. The Co-operative Farming Societies come under the category of
(A) Agricultural Non-Credit Co-operative Society
(B) Agricultural Credit Co-operative Society
(C) Rural Credit Society
(D) Primary Society
33. Gaya diary brand's owner is
(A) Gujarat State Milk Producers Union
(B) Bihar State Government
(C) Bihar State Milk Producers Union
(D) Gujarat State Government
34. Who was the first Co-operative Minister of Kerala ?
(A) Baby John
(B) E.M. Sankaran Naboothiripad
(C) Joseph Muntaserry
(D) None of these
35. Mention the name of Kerala Handicraft Apex Co-operative Societies.
(A) Handloom
(B) Hantex
(C) Surabhi
(D) Kera
36. The year in which Matsya fed is registered as a Co-operative institution :
(A) 1984
(B) 1974
(C) 1994
(D) 1995
37. Who started urban banks in Italy ?
(A) Dr. William King
(C) Kotthrochi
(B) Lusy Lussati
(D) Robert Owen
38. KRIBHCO is an
(A) International Co-operative Institution
(B) Interstate Co-operative Institution
(C) Intra state Co-operative Institution
(D) Intergrated Co-operative Institution
39. D. R. Gadgil is well known as the _____
(A) Father of co-operation
(B) Father of co-operation in England
(C) Preparer of co-operative principles (D) Father of co-operative commonwealth
40. Who took over the activities of Agricultural Refinance & Development Corporation stopped its functions in 1982 ?
(A) Co-operative Union
41. Headquarters of NAFED is situated at :
(A) Geneva
(C) England
(B) Washington
(D) New Delhi
42. Section _____of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act gives provisions relating to winding up of bank coming under DICGC.
(A) 74A
(B) 81
(C) 93
(D) 44AA
43. When a member can exercise his right to withdraw his share from a cooperative society ?
(A) Cannot withdraw
(B) After five years
(C) After three years
(D) None of these
44. National Centre for Co-operative Education is located at :
(A) Gujarat
(B) New Delhi
(C) Haryana
(D) Dehradun
45. Which Committee recommended for the formation of Farmers Service Co-operative Society ?
(A) Kurian Committee
(B) SC Misra Committee
(C) Subramanian Committee
(D) T.A. Pai Committee
31 D
32 A
33 C
34 C
35 C
36 A
37 B
38 B
39 D
40 B
41 D
42 A
43 C
44 B
45 D
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Co-operative Bank Examination

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