Co-operative Bank Examination Expected Questions - 10

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76. That part of subscribed capital set apart to be called only at the time of liquidation of a company is called :
(A) Capital Reserve
(B) Reserve capital
(C) Risk capital
(D) Redundant capital
77. The type of depreciation by which the value of an asset is reduced due of change in technology or fashion is called
(A) Amortisation
(B) Depletion
(C) Obsolescence
(D) Fluctuation
78. ______ is the amount received by non-profit making organisations on the death of a person as per his will.
(A) Legacy
(B) Honorarium
(C) Donation
(D) Pre-emptive right
79. _____ is the amount of profit earned by a concern over and above the normal return expected on its investment.
(A) Average profit
(B) Revenue profit
(C) Capital profit
(D) Super profit
80. Calls-in-advance is a/an ____ to a company.
(A) Loss
(B) Liability
(C) Asset
(D) Profit

76 B
77 C
78 A
79 D
80 B
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