Kerala PSC Degree Level Questions - 7

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131. Which Union Territory has its own High Court?
Answer :- New Delhi 132. When was Gandhi-Irwin Pact passed in India?
Answer :- 1931

133. Who was the first Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
Answer :- Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

134. Which article of the Indian Constitution says that Parliament comprises Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President?
Answer :- Article 79

135. Where is the 'Vedathangal Bird Santuary' located in India?
Answer :- Tamil Nadu

136. Who was the first Gupta ruler to attain the title 'Maharajadiraja'?
Answer :- Chandragupta 1

137. Which city hosted the first South Asian Federation [SAF] games?
Answer :- Katmandu

138. When was the first official cricket test match played?
Answer :- 1877

139. Which Five Year Plan in India was prepared by Professor C.Rangarajan?
Answer :- 11th Plan
140. Which is the largest natural port in India?
Answer :- Mumbai

141. 'A New World' was the motto of which game held in 2016?
Answer :- Paralympics

142. Which Indian actor is one of the co-owner of Kerala Blasters football team in the Indian Super League?
Answer :- Chiranjeevi

143. The Indian Railways started using a system called 'GAGAN' to navigate trains. Which research institute develop GAGAN?
Answer :- ISRO

144. NITI Aayog launched a mission called AIM in 2015. The full form of AIM is:
Answer :- Atal Innovation Mission

145. Which is a program that copies itself over and over eventually causing the computer to crash?
Answer :- Worm

146. Which is an application that uses a collection of multiple media sources like text, graphics, images, audio, video etc..?
 Answer :- Multimedia Application

147. Which of the following process of changing the amplitude or frequency or place of a carrier wave in accordance with the intensity of the signal?
Answer :- Modulation 148. Which of the following is an identifier for a particular network and is used to identify computers on the internet?
Answer :- Domain Name

149. Which of the following is a collection of programs that manages the database, structure and controls across to the data store in the database?
Answer :- DBMS

150. Which gases turns lime water milky?
Answer :- Carbon Dioxide 
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