Kerala PSC Department Test Notification July 2017

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Kerala Public Service Commission Invite application from candates for Department Examination July 2017.
Name of Test Under Department Examination
1. Secretariat Manual Test (One Paper)
2. District Office Manual Test (One Paper)
3. Manual of Office Procedure Test (One Paper)
4. Departmental Test for the Staff of the Kerala Public Service Commission
5. KSRTC Manual Test

6. P W D Manual Test
7. Account Test (Lower) – (4 Papers)
8. Account Test (Lower) for the Ministerial and Executive Staff of the K S E Board - (4 Papers)
9. Account Test for Executive Officers (2 Papers)
10. Account Test (Higher) –( 4 Papers )
10 A. Account Test (Higher) – 5 papers for those working in P W D and Kerala State Elecricity Board
11. Kerala P W D Test (2 Papers)
12. Departmental Test for the Ministerial Staff of the K S E Board (4 Papers)
13. Departmental Test for Executive Staff of K S E Board (3 Papers)
14. The Kerala Municipal Tests (3 Papers)
15. Municipal Department Test (One Paper)
16. Local Fund Audit Department Test (Higher) (3 Papers)
17. Local Fund Audit Department Test
18. Kerala State Probation Test (4 Papers) Part- I
19. Test on Kerala Police Manual
20. Test on Manual of Office Procedure (Police)
21. Departmental Test for the Ministerial Staff of the Vigilance Division (2 Papers)
22. Forest Test (For Executive and Controlling Staff) (3 papers)
23. Forest Test (for Clerical and Protective Staff) (2 papers)
24. Kerala Jail Officers Test (4 Papers)
25. Kerala Jail Subordinate Officers Test (2 papers)
26. Kerala Co-operative Test (2 Papers)
27. Canal Rules Test (One Paper)
28. Agricultural Income-tax and Sales-tax Test ( 3 papers)
29. Civil Judicial Test ( 2 Papers)Only Bare Acts will be allowed.
30. Criminal Judicial Test (2 Papers)Only Bare Acts will be allowed.
31. Panchayat Test (4 Papers)
32. Departmental Test on Employment Exchange Procedure (2 Papers)
33. Kerala Registration Test (4 Papers)
34 [A]. Departmental Test on laws relating to Motor Vehicles for the Members of the Kerala Transport Subordinate Service and the Ministerial Staff of the Motor Vehicles Department (2 Papers).
34[B]. Second Class Language Test in Malayalam for those who have not studied Malayalam for SSLC or its equivalent, as a medium of language as a Subsidiary Language (for the members of the Kerala Transport Service and the Kerala Transport Subordinate Service).
35. Departmental Test in Code of Criminal Procedure and the Kerala Manual of Office Procedure (for the Motor Vehicles Inspectors in the Kerala Transport Service).
36. Hand Book of SC Development Department Test (One Paper)
37. Test in Kerala Education Act and Rules (One Paper)
38. Labour Department Test (3 Paper)
39. Animal Husbandry Department Test (One paper)
40. Excise Test- Parts A & B (3 papers)
41. The Kerala Port Department Test (One paper-with books)
42. Second Class Language Test  (in Malayalam)
43. Minority Language Test  (in Tamil/ Kannada)
44. Test in Weights and Measures Act and Rules (One paper)
45. Departmental Test for Assistant Electrical Inspectors (2 papers)
46. Kerala State Housing Board Act and Rules (One paper Written test with books)
47. Departmental Test on Kerala Head Load Workers Rules (One Paper) (With books)
48 Revenue Test – I Paper
49 Revenue Test – II Paper
50 Revenue Test – III Paper
51 Revenue Test – IV Paper
Last date for the same is 6 June 2017 Upto Midnight 12:00 AM . 
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