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Kerala PSC Degree Level Questions - 3

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45. What is the working principle of a rocket?
Answer :- Conservation of momentum

46. When a coil is rotated in a magnetic field, induced current is generated in the coil. This principle is used in making -----?
Answer :- Electric generator

47. Sun can be seen for some time even after sunset. Which phenomenon of light is causing this?
Answer :- Refraction

48. Which color of light travels most slowly through glass?
Answer :- Violet

49. In photosynthesis, light energy is converted into ------?
Answer :- Chemical energy

50. What is the purpose of the ball bearings used in vehicles?
Answer :- To reduce friction

51. A ship floats on water. This can be explained by which principle?
Answer :- Archimedes' Principle

52. Which type of lens is used to rectify myopia?
Answer :- Concave lens

53. What are the three primary colors used in a color TV?
Answer :- Green, Blue, Red

54. Which Five Year Plan was based on Harrod-Domar model?
Answer :- First Five Year Plan

55. Who is known as 'the George Washington of South America'?
Answer :- Simon Boliver

56. Grassland found in Africa is --------?
Answer :- Savanna

57. Which was the famous horse of Rana Prathap?
Answer :- Chetak

58. Which is the southern most range of Himalayas?
Answer :- Outer Himalayas or Shivalik Range

59. What is the name of the marshy foothills of Himalayas?
Answer :- Terai Plains

60. Which device is used to convert sound waves into electric waves?

Answer :- Microphone

61. What is the working principle of the optical fibre?
Answer :- Total internal reflection

62. Which is India's fastest train service?
Answer :- Gatiman Express

63. Who was the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan?
Answer :- K M Munshi

64. The most fertile soil found in India is ---------?
Answer :- Alluvial soil

65. The institution of Ombudsman was first created in -----?
Answer :- Sweden

66. Lokayukta submits its report to -------?
Answer :- Governor

67. Which is the important geographical line passing through India?
Answer :- Tropic of Cancer

68. The Tropic of Cancer passes through ------- states of India?
Answer :- 8

69. Which Prime Minister of India abolished privy purse?
Answer :- Indira Gandhi

70. How many times Gandhiji became the President of Indian National Congress?
Answer :- Once
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