Kerala PSC Degree Level Questions - 6

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111. Which country's President is been elected every year?
Answer :- Switzerland

112. Which man-made water body connects Port Said to Bur Tawfiq?
Answer :-  Suez Canal

113. Name the only sport which is played with right hand only?
Answer :-  Polo

114. Name the FM Channel started by the Central Govt. for the purpose for Higher Education?
Answer :-  Gyan Vani

115. Name the first Keralite to become the member of Finance Commission?
Answer :- V P Menon

116.Which is the first country to ban Capital Punishment?
Answer :- France

117. Name the only Olympian Rower to earn gold medals in 5 consecutive Olympics ?
Answer :- Steve Redgrave

118.BSNL provides services all over India except Mumbai and New Delhi. Instead who provides services there ?
Answer :- MTNL

119. Which multinational company’s official magazine is named “THINK” ?
Answer :- IBM

120.Whose tweets are published under the name @FLOTUS ?
Answer :- Michelle Obama( First Lady Of The United States)

121.Who is known as Quaid-e-Azam?
Answer :- Muhammad Ali Jinnah

122. Which is the first country to issue post cards in the world?
Answer :- Austria

123.Which country has the oldest National Flag still in use?
Answer :- Denmark

124. What is the name of the Merchant , in William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice?
Answer :- Antonio

125.Which great German's record of most goals in a season did Lionel Messi recently overhaul?
Answer :- Gerhard Muller

126.What is the famous pen name of Hector Hugh Munro, the master of short stories?
Answer :- Saki

127.Which city in India is named after a queen whose real name was Bhagmati?
Answer :- Hyderabad

128.Who was the only courtier of Akbar to embrace the new religion ‘Din-i-illahi’?
Answer :- Birbal

129.Who is the first IIT graduate to become the Chief Minister of an Indian state?
Answer :- Manohar Parriker of Goa

130.Who is the first Marxist to become president of a Latin American country through open elections?
Answer :- Salvador Allende
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