Kerala PSC Degree Level Questions - 4

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71. The study of life in outer space is called -------?
Answer :- Exobiology

72. Which ranges of the Himalayas are composed of ancient sedimentary & metamorphic rocks?
Answer :- Lesser Himalayas (Himachal)

73. The hillstations of Shimla, Mussourie, Nainital & Darjeeling belongs to which Himalayan range?
Answer :- Lesser Himalayas

74. What is the name of the shifting cultivation practised in the north eastern India?
Answer :- Jhumming

75. Which plateau is situated between the Western Ghat & Eastern Ghat?
Answer :- The Deccan Plateau

76. What is the name of the water body that divide the Andaman & Nicobar island groups?
Answer :- Ten degree Channel

77. Which is the only active volcano in India?
Answer :- Barren Island

78. Which soil type is most suited for the plantation of tea, coffee, spices and tropical fruits?
Answer :- Forest & Hill soils

79. Which is the standard meridian of India?
Answer :- 82 degree 30 minute East

80. Indian Standard Time is ahead of Greenwich Mean Time by -------?
Answer :- 5 hours & 30 minutes

81. What is the North-South distance of India?
Answer :- 3,214 KM

82. What is the East - West distance of India?
Answer :- 2,933 KM

83. What is India's total land area?
Answer :- 3.28 million sq. km

84. What percent of world's land surface area is covered by India?
Answer :- 2.4 percent

85. Which is the seventh largest country in the world?
Answer :- India

86. What is the total length of India's coastline?
Answer :- 7,517 km

87. Dehra Dun Valley is situated in which Himalayan range?
Answer :- Shivalik

88. Which mountain range runs in a northeast to southwest direction along the Thar Desert?
Answer :- The Aravalli Range

89. Which is considered as the oldest mountain range in India?
Answer :- The Aravalli

90. Which mountain range is situated between the Narmada & the Tapi rivers?
Answer :- The Satpura



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