Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 482

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2435. What is the working principle of a rocket?
Conservation of momentum

2436. When a coil is rotated in a magnetic field, induced current is generated in the coil. This principle is used in making -----?
Electric generator

2437. Sun can be seen for some time even after sunset. Which phenomenon of light is causing this?

2438. Which color of light travels most slowly through glass?

2439. In photosynthesis, light energy is converted into ------?
Chemical energy

2440. What is the purpose of the ball bearings used in vehicles?
To reduce friction
2441. Grassland found in Africa is --------?

2442. Which was the famous horse of Rana Prathap?

2443. Which is the southern most range of Himalayas?
Outer Himalayas or Shivalik Range

2444. A ship floats on water. This can be explained by which principle?
Archimedes' Principle

2445. Which type of lens is used to rectify myopia?
Concave lens

2446. What are the three primary colors used in a color TV?
Green, Blue, Red

2447. Which device is used to convert sound waves into electric waves?

2448. What is the working principle of the optical fibre?
Total internal reflection

2449. Which is India's fastest train service?
Gatiman Express
2450. Who was the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan?
K M Munshi

2451. The most fertile soil found in India is ---------?
Alluvial soil

2452. The institution of Ombudsman was first created in -----?

2453. Lokayukta submits its report to -------?

 2454.Which Five Year Plan was based on Harrod-Domar model?
First Five Year Plan

2455. Who is known as 'the George Washington of South America'?
Simon Boliver
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