Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 479

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2391. The Comptroller and Auditor General submits the report to ....?
Answer :- The President of India

2392. The allocation of revenues between the Union and State Governments is done by ....?
Answer :- Finance Commission of India

2393. Parkinson's Disease affects which part of the body? Answer :- Nervous System

2394. Which part of the brain controlls voluntary actions in the body?
Answer :- Cerebrum

2395. Electroencephalography is done to to study the activities in which part of the body?
Answer :- Brain

2396. About 95 per cent of the absorption of nutrients in the human body occurs at ..?
Answer :- Small Intestine

2397. Electricity is a subject in which List of the Constitution?
Answer :- Concurrent List

2398. What is the amount of power consumed by a zero watt lamp?
Answer :- 10 Watt

2399. Which sector accounts for about 57 percent of the Indian GDP? Answer :- Service Sector

2400. Which organisation calculates the national income of the country?
Answer :- Central Statistical Organisation

2401. Who was the first to calculate the national income of India?
Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

2402. Who is known as 'the Father of Indian Economics'?
Answer :- Dadabhai Naoroji

2403. Who is known as 'the Father of Indian Economic Reforms'? Answer :- P.V. Narasimha Rao

2404. What is India's major import item?
Answer :- Petroleum

2405. In which year was the Reserve Bank of India nationalised?
Answer :- January 1, 1949

2406. How many banks were nationalised in 1969?
Answer :- 14

2407. As part of the second phase of bank nationalisation, how many banks were nationalised in 1980?
Answer :- 6

2408. Who was the Prime Minister of India at the time of bank nationalisations?
Answer :- Indira Gandhi

2409. In which year was the Imperial Bank of India nationalised and renamed as State Bank of India? Answer :- July 1, 1955

2410. In which year was the Life Insurance sector of India nationalised?
Answer :- January 19, 1956

2411. In which year was the Life Insurance Corporation of India was founded?
Answer :- September 1, 1956



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