Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 478

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2371. Which country's national animal is zebra?
Answer :- Botswana

2372. Leonardo da Vinci Airport is situated at ------?
Answer :- Rome (Italy)

2372. National Sports Day is observed on ....? Answer :- August 29

2373. 'Gold Coast' was the older name of .....?
Answer :- Ghana

2374. Mau Mau Rebellion is associated with the independent movement of which country?
Answer :- Kenya

2375. 'Guernica' is the famous painting by -------?
Answer :- Pablo Picasso

2376. The Manometer measures ...?
Answer :- Pressure of gases

2377. Veer Savarkar Airport is situated at ...? Answer :- Port Blair

2378. Which pigment gives red and blue colors to flowers?
Answer :- Anthocyanin

2379. Hibiscus is the national flower of ....?
Answer :- South Korea and Malaysia

2380. Which country other than India celebrates January 26 as National Day?
Answer :- Australia

2381. Which planets are known as 'inferior planets'?
Answer :- Mercury & Venus

2382. Who was the author of 'On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies'? Answer :- Copernicus

2383. What is the speed of the rotation of Earth at the Equator?
Answer :- 1,600 Km/Hour

2384. The Summer Solstice occurs on --------?
Answer :- June-21

2385. Who was the first woman and also the first Indian to be appointed to the prestigious post of United Nations Civilian Police Adviser?
Answer :- Kiran Bedi

2386. Who was the first member of Lok Sabha to be expelled under the Anti defection law in 1998?
Answer :- Lalduhoma

2387. Astraphobia is the fear of ....?
Answer :- Lightning and Thunder

2388. Who invented electric motor? Answer :- Michael Faraday

2389. Who is known as the second law officer in India?
Answer :- Solicitor General of India

2390. Who was the first Attorney General of India?
Answer :- M.C. Setalvad
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