Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 477

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2351. Which national leader's name is given to National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme?
Answer :- Gandhiji's

2352. The oldest newspaper that continues publication in India is ...?
Answer :- Bombay Samachar 2353. India's first communication satellite was ...?
Answer :- APPLE

2354. What is the name of India's first station in Arctic?
Answer :- Himadri

2355. The technology used to generate electricity from solar light is ...?
Answer :- Photo Voltaic Technology

2356. Indian Railway was nationalised in the year ...?
Answer :- 1951

2357. Who started 'Van Mahotsav'? Answer :- K.M. Munshi (1950)

2358. India's first Biosphere Reserve was ....?
Answer :- Nilgiri

2359. Project Tiger was launched in the year ...?
Answer :- 1973

2360. The gland known as 'Master Gland' is ...?
Answer :- Pituitory Gland

2361. Which organ is affected by conjuctivitis?
Answer :- Eye

2362. 'Daltonism' is another name for ....? Answer :- Color Blindness

2363. Kidney stone is chemically...?
Answer :- Calcium oxalate

2364. Asteroid belt is situated between ....?
Answer :- Mars and Jupiter

2365. Who was the first Space Tourist?
Answer :- Dennis Tito ( U S A, 2001)

2366. Which vitamin is also known as retinol?
Answer :- Vitamin A

2367. World Tuberculosis Day is observed on --------?
Answer :- March 24

2368. Jasmine is the national flower of which country? Answer :- Pakistan

2369. 'The Lodge' is the official residence of --------?
Answer :- Australian Prime Minister

2370. Knesset is the legislature of which country?
Answer :- Israel
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