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KTET November 2016 Answer Key

KTET November 2016 Answer Key | Kerala TET November 2016 Answer Key | KTET 2016 Answer Key | Kerala TET November 2016 Answer Key | Kerala TET November 2016 Answer Key
Questions With Answers
1. Out of the school subjects, Ambili a fifth standard student finds mathematics as the most difficult subject. She could not be able to complete the mathematics related homework's perfectly. Most of the time she got confused with addition [+] to multiplication[X], and subtraction [-] to division [/]. As a result Ambili is backward in academic areas. Which type of learning disability is experienced by Ambili?

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2. " Those who atteanded the special class on Saturday will be ecempted from homework". While saying like this, the teacher is trying to implement which type of reinforcement?
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3. A teacher gave a toffee to a student who has answered correctly to the question. Here, the teacher is trying to implement which of the following laws of learning?
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4. Which amoung the following statements is/ are true with respect to growth of an individual?
(i)Growth is influenced by maturation and learning
(ii) Growth may or maynot bring development
(iii) Growth is the overall changes in an organisation
(iv) Growth is a functional change
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5. "An Honest Child", this is the openion about Suresh, a seventh Standard Student, by all the students and teachers of his school. According to Allport's Theory of Personality Dispossession, it belongs to which category of the personality type?
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6. According to Spearman, a child shows remarkable performance in mathematics due to which of the following factors of his/her intellectual ability?
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7. The five broken lines in the figure appears to be a house. Which amoung the following Gestalt law explains this phenomenon?
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8. Which among the following is the most suitable type of reinforcement for first standard children who are poor in their abilities to learn a new thing?
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