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Sunday, 28 August 2016


1st anniversary - Paper Jubilee
2nd anniversary - Cotton Jubilee
3rd anniversary - Leather Jubilee
4th anniversary - Book Jubilee
5th anniversary - Iron Jubilee
6th anniversary - Wooden Jubilee
7th anniversary - Copper Jubilee

8th anniversary - Electric Appliance Jubilee
9th anniversary - Pottery Jubilee
10th anniversary - Tin Jubilee
11th anniversary - Steel Jubilee
12th anniversary - Linen Jubilee
13th anniversary - Lace Jubilee
14th anniversary - Ivory Jubilee
15th anniversary - Crystal Jubilee
20th anniversary - China Jubilee
25th anniversary - Silver Jubilee
30th anniversary - Pearl Jubilee
40th anniversary - Ruby Jubilee
45th anniversary - Sapphire Jubilee
50th anniversary - Golden Jubilee
60th anniversary - Diamond Jubilee
75th anniversary - Platinum Jubilee
100th anniversary - Centenary Jubilee
1000th anniversary - Millennium

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