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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 466

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2191. Rabies is also known as:
Answer :-Hydrophobia

2192.Bombay Duck is a type of :
Answer :-Fish

2193.Fish that can produce electricity:
Answer :-Eel

2194.In which species offsprings come out of the abdomen of male organism?
Answer :-Sea Horse

2195.Rabies is caused by:
Answer :-Virus

2196.The birds that were used as messengers:
Answer :-Dove

2197.Which bird lays the largest egg while comparing to the size of its body:
Answer :-Emu

2198.Which organism has the heaviest brain?
Answer :- Sperm Whale

2199.Which organism has the the heaviest tongue?
Answer :- Whale

2200.The heaviest snake:
Answer :-Anaconda

2201.The largest lizard:
Answer :-Komodo Dragon

2202.The organisms that sleep with eyes open:
Answer :- Fish

2203.The respratory organ of fish:
Answer :-Gills

2204.The snake that builds nest:

Answer :-King Cobra

2205.The bird that can rotate its head in a full circle:
Answer :- Owl


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