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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 462

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-------------------------------- is presenting a General Knowledge Questions with answers from International Awards. In this set we included only those kinds of questions which are asked by Kerala Public Service Commission in the exams like Lower Division Clerk and Last Grade and other PSC Examination.

2126. Wolf Foundation was founded by Dr. Ricardo Wolf who was born in:
(a) Cuba
(b) Spain
(c) Germany 
(d) France

2127. The Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards have been awarded annually since 1946 to living persons who have made major contributions to .......
(a) Medical science 
(b) Mathematics
(c) Literature
(d) Cinema

2128. What is known as ‘America’s Nobel’?
(a) Oscar Award
(b) Grammy Award
(c) Lasker Award 
(d) Jerusalem Prize

2129. The Award given in International Congress of the International Mathematical Union:
(a) Lasker Award
(b) Fields Medal
(c) Wolf Prize
(d) Abel Prize
2130. Founded at the behest of Canadian mathematician John Charles Fields, Fields medal was first awarded in:
(a) 1916
(b) 1926
(c) 1946
(d) 1936

2131. Fields Medal has been regularly awarded since :
(a) 1950
(b) 1955
(c) 1960
(d) 1965
2132. Which is known as the ‘Mathematician’s Nobel’?
(a) Oscar
(b) BAFTA Award
(c) Pulitzer Prize
(d) Abel Prize

2133. Abel Prize was awarded for the first time in:
(a) 2000
(b) 2001
(c) 2002
(d) 2003

2134. In which year Arundhathy Roy got Booker Prize?
(a) 1996
(b) 1997
(c) 1998
(d) 1999

2135. The book of Arundhathy Roy got Booker Prize:
(a) The Road ahead
(b) The God of Small things
(c) The Greater Common Good
(d) In a Free State

2136. Wolf Prize is given by:
(a) USA
(b) Israel 
(c) Japan
(d) Britain
2137. Wolf Prize was given for the first time in:
(a) 1978 
(b) 1988
(c) 1990
(d) 1970

2138. Wolf Prize is awarded in six fields: Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, and .....
(a) Peace
(b) Arts 
(c) Economics
(d) Literature

2139. Wolf Prize in Arts rotates annually between architecture, music, painting and .....
(a) Sculpture 
(b) Cinema
(c) Drama
(d) Acting

2140. Until the establishment of the ......, the Wolf Prize was probably the closest equivalent of a “Nobel Prize in Mathematics”, since the more prestigious Fields Medal was only awarded every 4 years to mathematicians under 40.
(a) BAFTA Award
(b) Jerusalem Prize
(c) Lasker Award
(d) Abel Prize 

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