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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 425

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951. Money Bill can be introduced in ……… the Parliament [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Lok Sabha
B:-Rajya Sabha
C:-Both house simultaneously
D:-Either of the Houses
Answer:- Option-A

952. Special Constitutional Status  of Jammu & Kashmir is Provided in…[Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Art. 324
B:-Art. 356
C:-Art. 368
D:-Art. 370
Answer:- Option-D

953. Who among the following administers oath of office  to the President of India …[Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Vice President
C:-Chief  Justice  of India
D:-Chairman of Rajya Sabha
Answer:- Option-C

954. The fundamental right to education is incorporated in ….[Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Art. 14
B:-Art. 16
C:-Art. 21A
D:-Art. 31A
Answer:- Option-C

955. Which of the following is NOT  a writ [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Habeas Corpus
B:-Ipso Facto
Answer:- Option-B

956. The National Commission for Women consists of a Chairperson and ............... members. [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
Answer:- Option-C

957. What is the name of the programme launched on December 25, 2000 by the Central Government for providing food grains to the poor at highly subsidised rates? [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Antyodaya Anna Yojana.
B:-Targeted Public Distribution System.
C:-Indira  Awaas Yojana.
D:-Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana.
Answer:- Option-A

958. What is the maximum time period fixed by Section 7(1) of Right  to Information Act,2005 for providing information by Central or State Public Information Officers in normal  course? [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-15 days.
B:-30 days.
C:-60 days.
D:-90 days.
Answer:- Option-B

959. The Environment (Protection) Act was enacted in India in pursuance of ............................... [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-World Commission on Environment and Development 1987.
B:-UN Conference on the Human Environment 1972.
C:-UN  Conference on Sustainable Development 2012.
D:-UN Conference on Environment and Development.
Answer:- Option-B

960. The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 aims at providing a minimum of ............ days unskilled manual work. [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
Answer:- Option-C


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