Thursday, 28 April 2016

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 428

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986. The river Ganga originates in?
A] Manas Sarovar
B] Yamunotri
C] Gangotri
D] None of these
Answer :- Gangotri

987. Which is the highest peak in Aravallis?
A] Mahendragiri
B] Shillong Peak
C] Gurushikhar
D] Nokrek Peak
Answer :- Gurushikhar

988. Bhakra Dam is located in the village of Bhakra in the Bilaspur region of
A] Uttar Pradesh
B] Jammu and Kashmir
C] Himachal Pradesh
D] Haryana
Answer :- Himachal Pradesh

989. Where is the Desert National Park situated?
A] Rajasthan
B] Gujarath
C] Punjab
D] Haryana
Answer :- Rajasthan

990. Firozhabad in Uttar Pradesh is famous for?
A] Cycle
B] Glass bangles
C] Locks
D] Sports goods
Answer :- Glass bangles

991. Dhariwal in Punjab is famous for
A] Cement
B] Cycle
C] Wool
D] Milk products
Answer :- Wool

992. The maximum daily range of temperature can be observed at
A] Chennai
B] Thiruvananthapuram
C] Delhi
D] Mumbai
Answer :- Delhi

993. Which river enters from Nepal to India and the basin of which includes Tibet, Nepal and India?
A] Hugly
B] Kosi
C] Narmada
D] Sarayu
Answer :- Kosi

994. Where are tea and coffee both grown
A] North West India
B] North East India
C] Central India
D] Southern India
Answer :- Southern India

995. The name of which state means the 'Abode of God'?
A] Haryana
B] Jammu and Kashmir
C] Punjab
D] Rajasthan
Answer :- Haryana

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