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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 426

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961. When and by whom was the 'Nair Service Society' founded? [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-1903 - Sree Narayana Guru
B:-1910 - TM Nair
C:-1914 - Mannath Padmanabhan
D:-1916 - K Ramakrishna Pillai
Answer:- Option-C

962. The 'Al- Ameen ' started publication from Calicut in October 1924 under  the Editorship of [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Muhammed Abdur  Rahiman
B:-Ali Musliyar
C:-Sithi  koya Thangal
D:-Vakkam Abdul  Khadir
Answer:- Option-A

963 The Autobiography of C Kesavan [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
B:-Jeevitha  Samaram
D:-Ente Purvakala Smaranakal
Answer:- Option-B

964. The novel 'Tottiyude Makan' was written by [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:- Kesavadev
B:- P C kuttikrishnan
C:- Basheer
D:- Thakazhi
Answer:- Option-D

965. Guruvayoor Satyagraha was started on [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-30 March 1924
B:-01 November 1931
C:-12 November 1936
D:-15 May  1903
Answer:- Option-B

966. Which Nuclear power  plant  became  India's  first Nuclear plant to generate 1000 MW  power [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
Answer:- Option-A

967. The Global Day of Parents was observed on [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-12 June
B:-05 June
C:-14 June
D:-01 June
Answer:- Option-D

968. The autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar [Lecturer in Physics ,30-01-2015]
A:-Cutting Edge
C:-Playing it my way
D:-Dreams from my father
 Answer:- Option-C

969. Which is the oldest  mountain range  in India? [Livestock Inspector Grade II,18-05-2015]
B:-Aravalli range
C:-Western Ghats
D:-Eastern Ghats
Answer:- Option-B

970. Which of the following river  valley  separate the mountain ranges  Vindhays and Satpuras ? [Livestock Inspector Grade II,18-05-2015]
Answer:- Option-C

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