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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 419

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881. The native land of Sindhi cow
Answer :- Pakistan

882. Snakes recognise smell using:
Answer :- Tongue

883. The bird that can live in the lowest temperature
Answer :- Emperor Penguin

884. The largest invertebrate on land
Answer :- Coconut crab

885. Which animal can produce two types of milk?
Answer :- Kangaroo

886. The release of which one of the following into ponds and helps in controlling the mosquitos?
[Crab, Dogfish, Gambusia fish, Snail]
Answer :- Gambusia fish

887. The study about heart
Answer :- Cardiology

888. The number of vertebrae in the vertebral column of man?
Answer :- 33

889. Normal Blood Pressure in human body is?
Answer :- 120/80 mm  Hg

890. Which blood group is called 'Universal Recipient'?
Answer :- AB


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