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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 418

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871. The bird that lays egg in the nest of another bird?
Answer :- Cockoo

872. Fish that can produce electricity
Answer :- Eel

873. The mammal that can fold its four legs in the same dircetion
Answer :- Elephant

874. The second most intelligent animal
Answer :- Chimpanzee

875. A mammal with wings
Answer :- Bat

876. The South American relative of camels
Answer :- Llama

877. Which is known as 'King of Fish'?
Answer :- Whale Shark

878. The bird that makes the longest migration
Answer :- Artic Tern

879. Which mammal's name in Malay language means 'man of the forest'?
Answer :- Orangutan

880. Which mammal has no neck?
Answer :- Whale

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