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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 414

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821. Study about caves is Speleology.

822. Female Enumerator was the mascot of the census 2011.

823. 'Red Lotus and Chappathi' are symbol of the revolt of 1857.

824. Mount Batten plan is also called 'Dickie Bird Plan.

825. 'Problem of the East' was the book written by Lord Curzon.

826. Kunwar Singh is called the 'Lion of Bihar'

827. Father of Revolutionary thought in India is Bipin Chanrapal.

828. The Culcutta High Court was the first court in India which constituted a Green bench in April 1996.

829. The four pillars of Indian Constitution is Election Commission, Supreme Court, Controller and Auditor General and Public Service Commission

830. Instrument used in submarines to view the surface of water is periscope.


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