Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 405

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766. Which one of the ancient dynasties was famous for village administration? (a) Chola (b) Chera (c) Pallava (d) Pandya


(a) Chola

767. Who said ‘India lives in her villages’? (a)Sardar Patel (b) Jawaharlal Nehru (c) Gandhiji (d) Vinoba Bhave


(c) Gandhiji

768. Father of Local Self Government in India: (a) Lord Rippon (b) Lord Dufferin (c) Lord Dalhousie (d) Lord Canning


(a) Lord Rippon

769. Who called villages as ‘Little republics’? (a) Dalhousie (b) Lord Rippon (c) Lord Curzon (d) Charles Metcaf


(d) Charles Metcaf

770. Who was the exponent of Sreeniketan Project? (a) Gandhiji (b) Tagore (c) Vinoba Bhave (d) SK Dey


(b) Tagore

771. Sreeniketan Project was launched in: (a) 1914 (b) 1924 (c) 1934 (d) 1904


(a) 1914

772. Sreeniketan Project was launched in: (a)UP (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Punjab (d) Bengal


(d) Bengal

773. Marthandom Project was launched in the state of: (a) Kerala (b) Karnataka (c) Andhra Pradesh (d) Tamil Nadu


(d) Tamil Nadu

774. Who was the exponent of Marthandom Project ? (a) SK Dey (b) Spencer Hatch (c) FL Brane (d) Tagore


(b) Spencer Hatch

775. Marthandom Project was started in: (a)1911 (b) 1914 (c) 1921 (d) 1931


(c) 1921

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