Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 407 (BEAT FOREST OFFICER SPECIAL)

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1. Which Indian ruler was the first in the history to advocate conservation measures for wildlife?
Answer: - Ashoka

2. In which year the British passed the Wild Bird Protection Act?
Answer: - 1887

3. The british rulersd passed the Wild Birds and Animals Protection Act in the year?
Answer: - 1912

4. In which list of the Constitution is ‘Forests’ included?
Answer: - Concurrent List

5. Protection of wild animals and birds & Prevention of cruelty to animals are subjects belonging to -------- List of the Constitution.
Answer: - Concurrent List

6. In which year was the Indian Forest Act was passed?
Answer: - 1927

7. The Environment (Conservation) Act came into being in the year?
Answer: - October 25, 1980

8. The Environment (Protection) Act was enacted in which year?
Answer: - 1986

9. In which year was the annual tree planting festival of ‘Van Mahothsav’ initiated?
Answer: - 1950

10. Name the Union Minister for Agriculture who was behind the launching of ‘Van Mahothsav’?
Answer: - K.M.Munshi

11. In which month of every year is the Van Mahothsav observed?
Answer: - July

12. Which Act was passed by the Indian Parliament with objective of effectively controlling poaching and illegal trade in wildlife and its derivatives?
Answer: - The Wildlife Protection Act

13. In which year was the Wildlife Protection Act enacted?
Answer: - 9 September 1972

14. Who has the power to declare an area as Sanctuary as per the Wildlife Protection Act?
Answer: - State Government (Section 18)

15. Who is the authority to grant any person a permit to enter in a Sanctuary?
Answer: - The Chief Wildlife Warden

16. Who is the authority to notify a particular area as National Park?
Answer: - State Government (Section 35) and Central Government (Section 38)

17. Which national body is the recognizing authority of a zoo?
Answer: - The Central Zoo Authority

18. Which section of the Wildlife Protection Act restricts the transportation of wildlife?
Answer: - Section 48 A

19. Who founded the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) ?
Answer: - Belinda Wright

20. In which year the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) was founded?
Answer: - 1994


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