Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 396

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636. Who started the Secret society of 'Mitra Mela' in 1899?
Answer :- V.D.Savarkar

637. Which Indian revolutionary organisation was formed in the model of Mazzinni's Young Italy?
Answer :- Abhinav Bharath

368. Who served longest period as the deputy chief minister of Kerala?
Answer :- Avukkader Kutty Naha

369. Who is the one and only Keralite to become the Governor of Kerala?
Answer :-  V.Vishwanathan

670. Which former President of Bangladesh was an active participant in the Quit India Movement?
Answer :- Sheik Mujibur Rahman

671. Kalinga Prize is awarded for?
Answer :- Popularisation of Science

672. Which Five Year Plan was formulated under the system of Directional Planning?
Answer :- Eighth Plan

673. A person is wearing glass of power -2.5. It indicates that person is?
Answer :- Short Sighted

674. The Ukai Dam is built across which rives?
Answer :- Tapti

675. In which year was the administrative headquarters of the Lakshadweep shifted to Kavarati from Calicut?
Answer :- 1964

676. Which stocks are affected by the viral disease Ranikhet?
Answer :- Poultry

677. Where did the Danish east India Company established its first factory in India?
Answer :- Musalipatnam

678. Which are the permanent winds blowing within the Tropics?
Answer :- Trade Wind

679. Who is the author of 'No Full Stops in India'?
Answer :- Mark Tully

680.  Who is the author of 'A New History of India'?
Answer :- Stanley Wopert

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